Thank you for your visit to our site.  My Basic LLC is an Atlanta based web design company with over 9 years of industry experience working with startups as well as small, medium and large businesses. Some services we provide include digital marketing, app development, public relations and advertising.  Please browse our website to learn more, then give us a call for your complimentary consultation. Our team looks forward to learning more about your vision.

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The My Basic LLC Design Process

Running a business is like climbing a mountain. At first glance, it can seem overwhelming. Reaching the top of the mountain is not instantaneous—it takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work. We understand that different businesses are at different stages of their climb. With over eight years of experience, our team is equipped with the right gear to help you reach the top. And with the right plan, team, and tools in place, we’ll relish in the view of success together.


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