Through My Basic LLC’s marketing services, we’ll provide creative solutions to get you out in front of your audience. Once we’ve reached your new customers, we’ll help you ensure they stay engaged, satisfied, and loyal.


Your brand is more than just a business. It’s a living, breathing, feeling entity. It’s unique. We’ll help your audience discover that and more.
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Graphic Design

Graphic Design breathes life into your business to and makes it distinguishable. Logos, designs, and symbols are all a part of the creative process (and our climbers are downright creative.
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Printing Services

Printing  breathes life into your business brand and servers to make it unique. Our online printing Kiosk servers to make yoru ordering experience simple. From brochures, to T-Shirets, to business cards,and many things in between we print targeting all your marketing needs.
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Web Design

Web Design is another essential marketing tool used to help you reach your audience. It’s important to be informative, responsive, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. We’re fully equipped to help you do exactly that.
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Social Media Management

Social media has become an important staple for many businesses and enables dialogue between a business and its customers.
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Video Production

Creating a commercial can give your audience a visual into your brand and services. It makes sense to invest in a video which you can add on your website, online, and advertise on cable and TV.
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When you look for something online you look by typing in keywords, your audience does the same thing. Our objective is simple, position you at the very top of the mountain so they can’t help but see you.
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Web Hosting

Web hosting is not a one size fits all as clients have different needs. Whether you need shared hosting, a dedicated server, or something in between our mountaineers are here to help twenty four seven.
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