VR: The Next Big Thing in Home Building

By MyBasic LLC Team on 20 September 17 Marketing,Virtual Reality

We are fully immersed in an era completely obsessed with technology… From the smallest laptop, to the new tablets, and new smartphones as often as what seems like […]

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Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality slated to help your business grow

By MyBasic LLC Team on 8 September 17 Atlanta Business,Marketing,Uncategorized,Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has emerged as a popular technology in the new world and the users are increasing rapidly. Virtual reality /augmented reality is being used to bring perception […]

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Virtual Reality in the Medical Field

By MyBasic LLC Team on 5 September 17 Marketing,MyBasicLLC,Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is improving client experiences in several industries – construction, real estate, transportation and now in the medical field. If you have been critically ill, have you […]

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Real time applications for Virtual Reality in Business

By MyBasic LLC Team on 29 August 17 Branding,Marketing,Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a new and immersive way to reach customers and help them see the value in your business. The concept of VR is not new but […]

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Web design is a big part of the picture says marketing

By MyBasic LLC Team on 3 April 17 Marketing,web design services

Web Design is one of the many marketing tools we use to help position our clients to get to the top of the mountain and reach their customers, […]

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It’s good to develop a plan

By MyBasic LLC Team on 3 February 17 MyBasicLLC

Though it’s impossible to invest our time in everyone (7 billion + people) we can take some time and learn about your project and develop a plan to […]

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Scale up your business with search engine optimization

By MyBasic LLC Team on 1 February 17 Atlanta SEO,search engine optimization,seo

Do you know you can increase your revenue significantly with search engine optimization? We need to let you know SEO is like the holy grail of online marketing. I […]

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Why My Basic Printing Services? It’s simple really…progress

By MyBasic LLC Team on 31 August 16 Marketing,Printing

We decided to invest into printing services because it deals directly with marketing a business. When preparing to climb a mountain you use the tools necessary to help […]

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Video commercials rock at helping businesses shine!

By MyBasic LLC Team on 28 August 16 Advertising,Branding,Video Services

Video content can be a game changer for your business  especially if your audience is used to looking at video content on their smart devices and tablets. Its […]

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Search Engine Optimization, Do I Need It? Yes, Here’s Why…

By MyBasic LLC Team on 11 August 16 search engine optimization,seo,Web Design

When your website comes up in the search results for a keyword used in your industry that’s good search engine optimization. The benefits outweigh the cost/investment of SEO […]

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