Virtual Reality Marketing

In today’s high-tech world, smart businesses and entrepreneurs are choosing virtual reality as a way to reach out to their target audience.  While traditional methods of presenting an idea for a product or service involve attempts to haul around the item or provide basic slide-shows and presentations, virtual reality programming/augmented reality programming provides a more appealing solution.  Through VR/AR programming, entrepreneurs can now present their ideas and products in an attractive, real-to-life way that draws in potential customers and gives them a true experience.

Here at My Basic LLC, we are excited to announce the addition of VR/AR Programming to our list of marketing services.

Through these services, you can now bring your product to life right before the eyes of your clients.  VR/AR marketing makes it possible to leave behind the props and slide-shows, and present your product in stunning 3D effects.  With virtual reality marketing, your audience won’t just see your idea – they’ll experience it!

Whether you are trying out a new invention or want to showcase an upcoming architecture plan, virtual reality programming will captivate your audiences and give them the best feel for your idea.

Thanks to VR’s archviz, you can step outside the realm of the possible and provide your audience the opportunity to explore a new building from the comfort of any location.  The 3D architecture program sets up a demo of the structure you plan to complete, and then allows it to be “walked through” by your target audience.

My Basic LLC will take your product and bring it to life in virtual reality by providing music and voice-over-talent in addition to our stunning 3D animation.  When we take on your VR/AR project, we will provide you with a complete demo that is ready to present to your audience.

Here at My Basic LLC, we believe in supporting our clients in every possible way.  When you let us provide you with virtual reality programming, we go the extra mile to see your project through and watch it become a success.

My Basic LLC also provides all the hardware necessary to make the virtual reality program a success.

While VR/AR programming is a new addition to our marketing services, our staff is highly trained and ready to help you take advantage of this amazing opportunity.  Our team has four years of experience working with Unreal Engine and specializes in VR.  We work in Unreal Engine and 3ds Max, and are talented in game development/design.

For the past nine years, My Basic LLC has been committed to helping clients achieve the best possible results through our marketing services.  We are proud to branch into the world of virtual reality programming/augmented reality programming and are excited to see the positive effects!

Through our marketing services, your audience can experience your product like never before, giving them the chance to fall in love with your idea.  Contact us today to discover more about adding a VR/AR program to your marketing plan, and watch your ideas come to life.



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