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He was thinking about the couple he met earlier at the midtown office, “They’ll do really well with our web hosting, and our team will develop a ecommerce website that surpasses their needs.” As he was driving on 20 east he got off at the Panola road exit so he could pick up a couple of things from Aldi’s. His smart phone rang, “Jason here…,” he responded. “Hey Jason, it’s Mark… great presentation earlier. The Williams called the office thirty minutes after they left and gave us a verbal commitment they will be working with us, great work. Don’t forget there’s a networking event tomorrow sponsored by the SBA in downtown Decatur at 7 pm. Check your email for details.” “Cool! I’ll be there,” Jason said and got off the phone and waited for the light to turn green.”

A notification came in just as he began to drive, he looked at his phone but then put it down. “I better not,” he thought to himself and proceeded to get into the left lane. The day before he noticed there was a lot of traffic in the right lane going to a new fast food place just before the quick trip. He said, “I’m gonna have to check that place out sometime, with that kind of line their food must be epic.”

As Jason moved past the traffic he maneuvered his car ever so majestically to avoid the ever increasing amount of potholes.  He thought, “These gotta get fixed, I hope the Commissioner will put some more funds toward fixing these roads.”

Fifteen minutes later he arrived at Aldi’s, grabbed his trusty SURYA bag he got from a trade show at Americasmart, and proceeded to pick up a couple of items to cook for dinner.  Twenty minutes later Jason arrived home and was greeted by bumps and noise in the fish tank being made by his two trusty turtle compadres Bear and Sweetie.

“What’s up Sweetie, Bear?” Jason said, “anything eventful happen today?” The two year old turtles were in the water with their eyes above the water and their paws on the side of the fish tank starring at Jason. “You must be hungry.” Jason fed the turtles, changed clothes, and went to his business desk to see what was going on online. He checked his email and saw a couple of responses from prospective clients and looked over the email for tomorrows networking event.

Jason cooked his food, watched a little TV then went to bed. The next morning he got up went through is morning routine and saw that it was raining. “Glad that pollen is getting washed away.” He thought. Jason grabbed two bowls of Cocoa rice then got ready for work. “You guys behave yourselves.” He said to Bear and Sweetie, grabbed his umbrella, then left for work. His trip to the office in Midtown usually took about 45 minutes.

Jason made it to the skyrise building, took the elevator, greeted the secretary and went to his office. About Fifteen minutes later his office phone beeped. “Hey Jason, Mark wants to meet with you concerning the Williams account.” the secretary said. “I’ll be right there.” he responded. Jason walked over to Mark’s office and knocked. “Come in.” Mark said.

Jason came in sat down and chatted with Mark. “The web hosting for the Williams account will be set up later today,” Mark said. “the web department came up with some pretty sweet ideas for their Ecommerce store, I sent you an email.” Jason responded, “Sounds, good. I’ll be working closely with Mrs. Williams since Mr. Williams stated he isn’t the most tech savvy.” “Nice.” Mark said. They wrapped up their meeting and Jason returned to his office.

He did some more work then proceeded to leave the office for the day. “Sir don’t forget the pens.” The secretary said and handed him the package. “Thanks Lisa, what would I do without you?” Jason replied. She smiled and he proceeded to the elevator.

Later in the day Jason arrived at the networking event in a Jet black suit with a black tie looking sharp as ever. The event had a considerable amount of people and included several high ranking officials. Jason made his rounds greeting many people and he met a young lady by the name of Lena.

She was an aspiring entrepreneur looking to open a salon. “So what do you do?” Lena asked Jason. “I’m a business exec at MyBasic LLC. We provide marketing, advertising, and web design services.” Lena quickly responded, “Web design? I’m looking right now to have a website built for my hair salon, great timing. What do you recommend?”

Jason responded “It’s a must have to have a user friendly and functional website people can visit to find prices and schedule appointments.” Lena replied, “How much does that cost?” He answered, “Prices will vary depending on your needs, do you have a business card? I’ll send you an email with more information.” Lena answered “I still have to get cards made but I can give you my information.” Jason said, “I can help out with that too. If you’re free tomorrow let’s meet for lunch, Ruby Tuesday’s my treat.” Lena responded, “sounds good, how about twelve?”

“Twelve is good.” He said. Lena agreed and the two parted ways.

Jason set the appointment in his calendar and continued to mingle. He passed out all his business cards and the pens he received earlier from Lisa. He stayed there about fifteen minutes more then headed to his car to go home. He logged into his business class email and sent a brief email to Lena. “Hmm she is using her gmail, she’ll need to get a better email setup to brand her business.” Jason thought. After sending the email he started his car and drove home. He arrived home, parked his car, and headed upstairs.

Unlocking the door he walked in and saw Sweetie with her legs stretched out soaking in the light and bear relaxing next to her. “Hey Sweetie, you think you at the beach huh?” He remarked.  Sweetie stayed in her spot.

Jason got comfortable and watched a little bit of TV streaming from his computer to his LED flatscreen. Around eleven he received a text from his best friend Tise, “Dude did you see it?” “See what?” Jason responded. “I’ll send the link now.” Tise replied.

Jason received the link and streamed it. When he heard, “Chewie we’re home.” Jason’s mouth dropped and he jumped up in excitement. “Look Sweetie!!” Sweetie was not amused, or at least she looked that way. He texted Tise back, “Thanks bro! This looks like it’s gonna be an epic movie, what you up to?” “On this over time” Tise responsed.

Jason texted back, “Pretty soon I’m gonna have to start calling you OT long dollar.” “OT It is sir, lol.” Tise replied.

Jason sent a couple more texts then went back to watching TV. He stayed up twenty more minutes then he went and laid down in his bed and fell asleep.

The next morning Jason was awakened by the alarm on his phone. “Time to get up sir.” The smartphone said and made a distinct noise designed to get Jason up. Jason got up, went to the bathroom, and brushed his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror he said, “Today is the beginning of the rest of your life, you’re gonna do well. God is with you in all you do.” He then got his clothes ready, cooked some breakfast, and turned on his computer.

He looked at the email Mark sent and looked over the design ideas for the ecommerce website. While looking at the notes for the Williams account he discovered their web hosting recommendation was shared hosting. He thought to himself, “Since they’re gonna have a lot of web traffic they need a dedicated server plan.” He changed the recommendation and sent Mark an email.

Mark replied three minutes later…

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