3 Reasons Your Business Should Advertise

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In many industries, wholesale or retail, a good percentage of corporate budgets are allocated to marketing and advertising.  This, by itself, is proof of how important advertising is to all businesses worldwide.

Advertising, after all, is a form of communication employed to influence people’s thoughts, behavior and beliefs.

1. With the passing years, the need for advertising increased tremendously to the point of becoming a necessity.  Its methods and forms are various to reach its wide range of segmented audiences.  Though originally the focus is on commercial issues, advertising is now used for political and ideological matters.

Thus, competition, the prime reason why businesses prioritize advertising, had grown tougher as marketing covers a wider coverage.  Technological advancements paved the way for new and innovative approaches, such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Consequently, this resulted to an almost cut-throat competitive online market.  Creative approaches gave birth to the so-called guerrilla marketing strategies.

2. Another reason is branding, a marketing tactic which focus on the creation of a specific design, logo or name.  This establishes the identity of a product from all other products in the same niche.  SEO, in turn, is used to make this brand so popular that it forms part of a normal conversation.  In so doing, a campaign is launched unconsciously furthering advertising of the brand.

3.  Finally, advertising is vital to marketing as it creates awareness of a particular product.  Through multimedia, knowledge of the product is enhanced.  Online, this is highly supported by SEO to ensure that it reaches a wide range of people who may like or prefer the product.

Through constant advertising, a psychological influence is exerted which eventually develops into convictions.  And this is the very purpose of advertising which is of great essence to marketing.  For its end result is always that people purchase their advertised product.  Hence, advertising, marketing, and SEO complement each other.

It does not matter if the actual purchase is to just try, or to reaffirm new beliefs.  What matters is, at the end of the day, advertising was able to achieve the purpose of marketing one’s brand to a specific audience.  And convince them like and buy the product over all other similar products being sold.


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