3 reasons You need a marketing campaign for your business in 2014

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  1. You need a marketing campaign for your business because your competition is doing it. Marketing is the art of helping your audience become aware of your brand, product, and service. Successful marketing creates a demand. We say brand because chances are there are many other businesses that are doing what you do. Marketing helps differentiate you from your competition. It helps your audience understand why they should choose your brand over the rest. If you’re not marketing chances are you’re just getting by or won’t be much longer if no one knows about you.
  2. Marketing helps your audience become familiar with your brand. Ever buy a flat screen from a brand you’ve never heard of? Ok you might have in Walmart but has Walmart ever allowed a brand with no track record to sit in their isles? The point is marketing helps your audience become or stay familiar with your brand, you do want to grow and become profitable right?
  3.  Marketing helps you grow your business. You go into business to meet a need and there are millions of people out there who could benefit from your product/service. How do you reach them? Its simple and has been the same for centuries…. Marketing.

There are many forms of marketing today that you can take advantage of. Below are the main ones we feel how people stay connected

  1. TV/Satellite
  2. Radio
  3. Billboards
  4. Online Advertising
  5. Print
  6. Word of mouth

Which of these are you using on a regular basis? If you’re not employing one of these methods I encourage you to give us a call so we can decipher which one will work best with your budget. You do have a budget set aside to market your business correct? If you build a website you’re gonna pay a certain amount depending on the website company you hire. Whatever that amount is that you pay you should pay that for marketing your website or more.


The cool thing about marketing campaigns is they can be geared toward your budget. There’s a certain threshold you need to pass in order to be effective and profitable.  Your budget could be $1,000 a month or $100,000 a month or depending on how deep your war chest is. If you don’t have a budget look at your war chest and set some coins aside to specifically get the word out about your product or service. If your product/service is good and you’re at the right place at the right time and you’re running a marketing campaign I see nothing but success for you. Consider MyBasic LLC if you’re looking for help with your next marketing campaign. We can help you with the above mentioned forms of marketing. 


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