A hacked website is bad for business.

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Running a business can be a headache sometimes and a hacked website can only add to the drama. One of the benefits of working with My Basic LLC when it comes to web design and web hosting is we try to take steps to minimize a website being hacked and taken down. Our team strives to help our clients stay online 24/7. Wisdom is our sister and she’s always imparting nuggets to help us help our clients and stay relevant. One of our clients recently called us to let us know her website was down, after we got the call we checked the website and sure enough…

Hackers gonna hack

Its frustrating when someone hacks your website and you have few options to get your website restored. Usually hackers want to either hack more computers or they want you to pay them a fee to restore your website. Really? I guess so. If hackers didn’t hack they wouldn’t be called hackers I guess.

Solution to hacking 

Know and hire a business that thinks independently of your business and has the experience and tools to manage your website. We’re not the ultimate solution but we know just enough to¬† measures an unsuspecting business owner might not take to keep your website safe. Our partners at Stewhosting.com also have good tools in place to try and continually minimize risk to your website. Do you have a social website or ecommerce website? Have you invested a considerable amount of money and time into your website? Consider taking extra caution and give us a call.

End Result

Client is back online. If you need someone on your team to help keep your website secure we can help. We strive to keep our clients safe. Its interesting what’s going on out here with all these data breaches and hacked websites.



Be careful when it comes to clicking on links in emails or downloading attachments from people you do not know. If you do not know them in the first place that is a red flag. One way you can verify if someone is who they say they are is confirm their email address. Does the IRS really send emails to links for you to download, can you say spam? Stay safe out there.


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