About My Basic LLC

My Basic LLC is a minority owned marketing  agency 15 minutes from Atlanta, Georgia with more than 12 years of experience.

We have humble beginnings, no blue print to run a business just the sheer will to meet a need and help people. That’s how My Basic LLC started. We’ve been around since 2008 and the experience I/we have gained is invaluable.

With a background in marketing we moved where people needed help around us and that was web design. From there people needed help with digital marketing so we moved there. People today still need help there because one they don’t have the time and two the digital marketing sphere is continually changing. It’s work to keep up but someone on your team’s gotta do it, that someone is us.

We have been able to work on several mobile apps and this is to the value of our clients as people are one with their phones, or so it seems.

Our constantly-evolving marketing tools and techniques are designed to help clients connect with their audience where they are whether that’s at home or on the go.

My Basic LLC is managed by Steward D. Clinton and began in 2008, Steward has a background in marketing and enjoys helping businesses come up with strategies to sustain and grow their business. Creativity and helping businesses grow are two of the many driving factors that drive My Basic.

We want people looking for our client’s service to find them online and we’ll deploy the necessary effort to make that happen. We want to help entrepreneurs be on the cutting edge in web design, app development, web hosting, and Virtual reality applications and we’ll keep investing our time there so they can continue to benefit.

“One thing about business is you’re always learning. Some people move faster or might be better than you but if you can help the people God has put in your path, you’re alright. Always strive to be a good Steward of business.”

Steward D. Clinton – CEO, My Basic LLC