App Development

Whether you’re in the medical field, law, or you’re an entrepreneur our team can develop an app that’s solid.

The ultimate way to reach and connect with your customers… An App.

App development is your next frontier in reaching and connecting with your audience. How so? Your app will perform a function/service that makes it worth while to stay on their smartphone. Working with My Basic LLC is a process, first we’ll need to learn what your idea/vision is. If we can build it we’ll let you know and create a solid plan to bring it to market. If your idea it is not we’ll be honest and let you know. 

Making an app that allows someone teleport from A to B, we’ll save that for #startrek. There’s a giant in the room before we even begin we’ve gotta talk about. Spoiler alert… #marketing

Not only do we have an experienced team that builds native and hybrid applications, we have another cool team that’s all about marketing. We’re technical but we’re also simple when it comes to explaining our work process. You have a need, we have a solution. You want to reach your audience? One of many factors we like to determine is how many, where are they, and how fast do you want to reach them? 

It’s a lot of work, what we do but the journey is worth it.

Here Are Two Critical Parts To Creating An App.


During the design of your app we provide mock-up wire frames and designs needed to give you an idea of how the app will look and function before development begins. This works for us in that once we’ve begun a project we have a road map to follow. If there are design changes once production has begun we will have to budget accordingly.

client’s app

We like to implement best practices once development begins like commenting and documentation this way everyone working on the project has a blueprint the back-end. We take the hard work out of app development for our clients because we have a forward-thinking approach when it comes to bringing a client’s app.

When developing a mobile app your design/ functionality (UX/UI) must be sound so your end-users enjoy looking at and using your app. At My Basic LLC we strive to help you meet this goal from the start and we have talented project managers who will make sure the project is completed on time and budget. In the event a natural disaster happens that we don’t have control of we’ll come up with a solution to fix the issue.
Once your app is nearing Alpha (functional but not live) we’ll test it out on a variety of devices both physical and virtual with the goal of finding bugs and issues that would cause for an unpleasant user experience. This is really important because we wouldn’t want to spend any number of days developing an App, launch it then someone comments the App is useless.


App development is what we do and we wont rest until your app is successfully loaded to Google Play and The Apple Store. From UX/UI design, development,and launch we’re with you every step of the way. During the design phase, we work with your ideas and create a concept designed to help make your app shine.


The development of your app can work in several ways. Scenario A could be where you want to focus on one platform like Apple or Android. Scenario B could work where you want a 3 platform approach where customers will complete the heavy lifting like paying for your app or subscription via the website portion of the app.

They can then download the app for better usability/flexibility via Google Play or The Apple Store, our background is in marketing so we get it, that’s why you should work with us.

design process
During the design process, our design team will take your ideas and develop 2-3 mockups that show you how your app will look and scale between small screens and larger screens (Ex: Galaxy S10/IphoneXS/Samsung Galaxy Note 9/Samsung Galaxy Tab 4), and then we’ll identify building blocks. From here we program blocks on blocks on blocks.
mobile apps
That wouldn’t look good on us or your company, our goal is to create mobile apps that benefit the end-user. Developing apps are fun and we enjoy the process of developing mobile solutions that make the end users life more enjoyable.

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App Design And App Development Take Work But That’s What We Do.

Are We Local? Yep, We’re Local.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia we’r the next big local app development company. No matter where you’re located in the U.S. or abroad My Basic can develop an app for your idea or business that allows you to connect with your customers. We have over 10 years of experience as an app development company.

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Do you have an idea for a Mobile App?

It would be nice to learn more about your project, please fill out the form below or give us a call. App Development costs depend on customization, time to develop, Team Members involved, # of platforms, and marketing. The project is assigned a project manager to oversee project completion and help the client with any questions or concerns through development. We have no problem signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

App Development FAQ

How much does it cost to build an app?

The price of an app can vary based on several attributes. Custom functionality, number of platforms that app will be built on, how much time it will take to design/develop app, bundled options with marketing/PR, etc.. Apps can start at $20,000 and rise to 1 million +. You also have to take into account marketing and admin. Weigh those against your profit goals and you should be able to determine if it’s worth the leap of faith.

Is making an app worth it?

Making an app is worth it if you’re trying to solve a problem or you want to learn something new that can benefit others and yourself. If the app you want to make gets you 10,000 paying subscribers a month at say $3.99 and your expenses per month for marketing/admin/pr is $15,000+ I think it’s worth it. Making an app can give you the freedom you’ve always wanted in that you don’t have to work a set timed job. If you don’t plan correctly, your app doesn’t add value or convenience to your end user, or market the app right it may not be worth your time. Starting a business involves risk and you have to be the kind of person who embraces greater risk to receive greater reward.

Is it possible to make an app by yourself?

It is quite possible to make an app by yourself. Keep in mind It will take time for you to learn how to create an app then applying your skills to what you want the app to do will take additional time. There is a trade off in time if you try to build it yourself, there is a learning curve. It makes sense to hire an app development team like My Basic LLC so you can save on time and get your idea to market sooner than later. The elephant in the room is marketing and that is what will help get your app to your audience.

How much money can you make off an app?

You can make a substantial amount of money off of an app. In order to get to that destination you must take into consideration the investment in the app, hosting/security expenses, marketing/pr expenses, insurance, and several other factors. Imagine you have an app idea that helps people they deem it essential. They’ll be willing to pay for it if it helps them do something better. Let’s say you’re able to help 8,500 people who are paying a monthly subscription of $5.99 to use your app. Your revenue is $50,915 per month, great place to be in. Now think about what it will take to get to that place. Cost to develop app, hosting, admin/updates, marketing, PR, etc. Let's say all of these cost $20,000 per month, keep that in mind. One part of the subscription based model is you’ll always gain new customers and lose customers so you’re always looking to gain more customers. Twelve months have gone by and you’ve generated $610,980. Your expenses were $240,000, add taxes also and that’s a snapshot of what you could make. You could do even better not not as well, that's the risk with being an entrepreneur.

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