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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App? The Ultimate Resource to Budget for Any Kind of App

Companies, brands, websites, and businesses are beginning more to understand the power behind developing apps to connect with customers on a whole new level. An app gives you access to one of the most intimate spaces of a customer’s life: their smartphone. In this devices we view, store and share key information regarding who we are and what we do and, with the required permissions granted, of course, businesses can access this information to provide an enhanced experience to their

For this reason, developing apps have become highly important for companies. Yet, estimating how much a mobile app will cost is not as easy as it sounds. In this article, we want to help you understand how much it costs to make an app, so you can plan and get the resources you need to develop and launch one for your particular venture.

How relevant are apps today?

Our day to day routines are now intimately related to the use of apps. Platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat report that their users spend many hours browsing and interacting with other people through their environments, while companies such as Amazon and Walmart have developed apps that transact billions of dollars in sales on a monthly basis.

This is all an indication that apps have gained momentum in our current society, and who knows, we could only be seeing the tip of the iceberg.

What are users looking for in an app?


The average user of an app has become somehow a demanding one. The existence of many similar apps that perform similar tasks has raised the bar for developers, pushing them to come up with apps that provide great user experience, perform as promised and provide a customized experience. Achieving the goal of fulfilling those expectations is costly and challenging, to say the least.

Availability of tools for developers

Hand in hand with these increased needs, new tools have also stepped up to serve developers in their complex task of keeping up with user’s expectations. Tools like Sketch, which allows developers to create incredible user interfaces or Marvel, which gives developers the chance to design a prototype for the app, have made it easier for those in charge of creating these environments to present apps that connect deeply with end users and customer’s needs.

Similar Operating Systems

The two strongest players in town, Android and iOS, now share very similar treats when it comes to development. This facilitates the job of creating apps that are available for both Android and iOS users, which is kind of like mandatory if you want to have access to the vast majority of your potential users and not just a fraction of them.

Distinctive Quality

Now that the app markets are popular, many developers claim that they can easily create functional apps for their clients. Nevertheless, when it comes to the quality of those developments, the best of the best can be quickly set apart from the mediocre.

Those who have gained a reputation for delivering top of the line apps are now more equipped to showcase their success and therefore they can be set apart from “the herd” by those looking for the very best for their apps.

How much does it cost to make an app?

Here’s a detailed list of the price ranges for each different type of app we have categorized, along with a brief description of how these apps look like so you can figure out in which category yours falls into.

How much does it cost to develop an IoT (Internet of Things) or a Hardware-related App?

Society is now moving towards the “smart” world. An environment where everything is interconnected with our smartphones, tablets and any portable device that allows us to control everything from light bulbs to furniture.

Any physical item that can be equipped with network capabilities needs an app to function properly. Therefore, as the market shifts towards “smarts”, the need for IoT apps continues to rise.

Budget for IoT Apps: $200,000 to $2,500,000

Examples: AlertMe, Nest.


How much does it cost to develop a 2-Sided Marketplace App?

Creating a market is not an easy task. It takes parties on both ends of the bargain (suppliers and consumers) to develop a successful 2-sided app. These marketplaces offer an environment where the two sides can connect and do business.

Security, credibility, and reliability are part of the essential features customers look for on 2-sided marketplace apps and the way these characteristics are developed within the app is something that has to be planned very carefully.

Budget for 2-Sided Marketplace Apps: $200,000 to $1,500,000

Examples: Fiverr, Udemy

How much does it cost to develop a 2-Version On-Demand App?

Similar to a 2-sided marketplace app, On Demand apps, are required by businesses that promote a marketplace where supply and demand encounter. Nevertheless, this kind of apps require a unique interface for each party, as they both approach the service from a different perspective and the features they both need to interact with must be presented in a unique

A food delivery system can be used as an example here for a 2-Version On Demand app. While they will both interact with each other, suppliers have to be able to create and edit the profiles of their particular stores, creating menus, setting prices and delivery conditions. On the opposite side of the table, consumers have a unique interface where they pick among different vendors and follow some simple steps to pay for their orders.

Budget for 2-Version On-Demand Apps: $100,000 to $1,500,000

Examples: Lyft, Seamless

How much does it cost to develop an E-commerce App?

E-commerce apps are basically a storefront. They showcase the business’ products in a well-organized and intuitive way so customers can easily browse through the company’s inventory of available products and services.

These apps require two major elements to be in place in order to function properly. First, a back-end inventory system that can be integrated with the app to maintain an updated database of products, inventory, prices and so on; and second, a payment gateway that can also be integrated with the app in order to allow customers to both order and pay through the app.

Many platforms facilitate this, by allowing the user to integrate their back-end to the app through APIs. This is the case for Shopify, PayPal, and Stripe.

Budget for E-Commerce Apps: $100,000 to $1,500,000

Examples: Walmart, H&M

How much does it cost to develop a Social Networking App?

Perhaps the most widely employed apps of today’s world are social or they have a social feature where you can tag people as your ‘friends’ or ‘followers’, share messages and content with them and even call them through a live voice or video chat platform.

app-developer-mybasic-llcA new social app though, may not contain all of the features that you currently see on Facebook or Instagram, as those platforms have been consistently upgraded for years, giving developers the chance to build new features progressively. Yet, a new social app will definitely contain some of the main features every single social network has such as shared content, a connection or linking feature between users and messaging.

Some of these apps, depending on what the underlying service is, may require an algorithm of some sort to display content based on customized preferences of the user. All of these extra features raise the final price on these apps.

Budget for E-Commerce Apps: $150,000 to $500,000

Examples: Twitter, Instagram

How much does it cost to develop an app that requires User Authentication or Login?

An app that requires user authentication is one that restricts the user from accessing certain content until he provides valid access credentials. Any app that requires authentication increases the level of complexity for the developer and it is, therefore, more expensive than one that just displays content to anybody who installs it.

These apps include features such as a profile with user’s information, limited access to the services or products they subscribed to, access to files or access to content that is only available once the credentials have been validated.

Some apps may permit a certain level of access for users that haven’t been registered, but only registered one usually have full access to all the features.

Budget for E-Commerce Apps: $100,000 to $300,000

Examples: Dropbox, Netflix

How much does it cost to develop an app for Data Consumption Only?

app-development-my-basic-llc-postWe interact with Data Consumption Only apps on a daily basis on our mobile devices without even knowing that’s what they are. These are apps that provide information about something in particular and the information is constantly being updated, which is the reason why they consume data.

A great example of this kind of apps is Stock Market News apps. Those apps provide the user with real-time data on what’s going with the markets throughout the world. Price tickers are updated, perhaps news are displayed or sent through push notifications, and you can also search tickers and mark them as favorites.

These apps are less common nowadays but they will always be useful for their simplicity.

Budget for E-Commerce Apps: $50,000 to $100,000

Examples: Markets, News

How much does it cost to develop an app with No Network Access?

Specifically designed to perform a certain task, standalone apps are those that require no internet connection to function. These apps are often pretty basic in their functionality and they are fed by data inputted by the user himself. They can maybe store information on the phone or perform a simple task, as it the case for Calculator apps.

While these apps are very handy, the tendency is shifting towards intuitive apps. Even though they may perform basic functions, they can always be connected to some kind of database that anticipates the user needs and helps him save time. For example, a Clock app that updates the time zone automatically by accessing the phone’s GPS location.

Budget for E-Commerce Apps: Less than $50,000

Examples: Voice Recorder, Gallery, Contacts

Marketing is a key ingredient to reaching and connecting with your audience

ecommerce-app-developer-mybasicllcSince you’re investing in having a mobile app developed and launched it important to have a marketing campaign in place to help you reach and connect with your audience. Budget is everything and your audience is on the go, busy, and continually being bombarded by companies who are jockeying for their time and money. How do you naturally and effectively reach them? Marketing.

Many in your audience spend their time on their smartphone. Some of that time is spent on social media and/or looking for something on today’s top search engines. If they’re on social media a lot, it’s a good idea to find out which social media channels they spend most of their time on and implement a plan to connect with them. Do they listen to the radio much or stream music during their commute to and from work? These are important questions we can answer when thinking about and launching your marketing campaign.

A good glimpse into how much it could cost to reach your audience is the U.S. presidential race. Candidates must raise millions of dollars if they want to reach their audience continually. Once they’ve run one marketing campaign, they understand it doesn’t stop there. If their opponents run a character assassination campaign, they generally will run another campaign to address unfounded accusations or go on the offensive and work to discredit their opponent.  This can run them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Tip: In your campaign use social media, part of it is free and can help you reach your audience but if you’re going to really make waves have a budget that will help you kickstart your way to profitability. Have a target in mind for revenue you want to make, we’ll help you come up with a strategy to hit that target.

app-developer-my-basic-llc-costOur goal is to help you continually decipher the enigma machine that is the United States. We’re here to help you pinpoint where your audience is spending their time and implement a natural marketing campaign to inform them of your offerings. We won’t be pests about it but we know there is truth to the adage “out of sight out of mind.”

To Sum It Up

It takes investment and an effective marketing campaign to be profitable.

If you’re not sure what it can cost to build an app you might experience sticker shock at first. Once you’ve learned what you should be able to make a better-informed decision. You may encounter developers who will undermine the practicality of this article by saying there’s no way someone would charge that kind of money for such a simple app, but you get what you pay for.

Yet, the purpose of this article is to provide you with a solid reference of how much a professional who has experience in the field and a solid portfolio to share will be inclined to charge for developing an app that will help you help your audience. We hope to work with you on developing that next world class mobile app, let’s talk more about it.

If you’d like further help please fill out the form below:

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The Importance of Web Development

It is no secret that the World Wide Web is the place to be these days. Everything is online – from clothes shopping, ordering food, watching movies, applying for jobs and more. This is exactly why your business needs to have a concrete web presence.the-importance-of-web-development

When people are looking for a new service or product, oftentimes the first place they go to is the internet to locate reputable options. If you are not on the web, that is a large audience you are missing out on.

However, developing a high-quality web presence requires more than just buying a domain. It isn’t as simple as purchasing a listing in the phonebook.

A good website requires high-quality design and high-quality content development.

Why it is important

Of course, we already pointed out the stereotypical “everyone is doing it” reason for developing an online presence. But, what is the real importance behind it?

  1. It is easier for clients to find you.In a digital age, people need to be able to just type something into their mobile device and locate the answer they are looking for. It might be because they are on the run and just want something near them, or it might be because they are sitting on the couch scrolling on their phone and that is their quickest and easiest research tool.
  2. It is easier to build relationships.Thanks to things like social media, you are able to portray your business in a more “human” fashion, therefore making it easier for your audience to connect with you.
  3. It is easier to garner trust in your business.Reviews, reviews, reviews. People like to hear what type of experience other people have had and reading about it online is quick and easy.

    However, proceed with caution because people are also likely to quickly leave a bad review when they have a negative experience so this can easily work for or against you.

The support you need

Our team is able and ready to help you with all of your web development needs. From the design of the website to the content development to the search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing services, we are ready to get your business the online recognition it deserves.

Our web design services include a project manager for the duration of the project. For more information and pricing on our web development services, please give us a call at 404-477-4512.

A more organic look

If you haven’t noticed we’ve updated our website and logo to go with a more organic color presentation. We’re fans of gardening and just thought… “wow, why not adapt those colors we see around us into our website and logo.” We revamped our logo and replace the dot in the “i” with a leaf, pretty cool. We’ve also added brown which represents the dirt of the earth, that’s where we come from lol. #green #organic #mybasicllc    

App Development: The Design

If you’ve read our previous post, you know that we are passionate about app development. And when it comes to the design of the app, we value that aspect of the process just as much. A well-designed app can be the make it or break it factor when it comes to your audience avidly using it and you actually getting a return on your investment.

Why app design matters

Have you ever used a very poorly designed app? It can be so poorly designed to the point that it is distracting, making you not even want to use it.

The reality of it is that while people want their technology to be functional, they also want it to be pleasing to the eye.

Here are a few other reasons why the design of your app matters:app-design-mybasicllc

  1. Impact matters.

    And yes, the design of your app does affect how big of an impact it has on your audience. If they are caught up in confusion on how to use your app or distracted by the awful color scheme, they are not going to be as focused on your business and your product.

  2. Design with a purpose.

    We design your app with your purpose in mind. The design of your app should adequately reflect your business, your mission and the experience you offer your customers.

    This is the best way to both visually appeal to your audience and to enhance brand recognition.

  3. Decision making is key.

    User experience is one of the key factors in the design of our apps. It is important that your app takes into consideration how long a user needs to make a decision. Then, the different aspects of the app should account for this. Maybe a picture needs to move faster? Or maybe a button needs to be more prevalent?

Our services: App Development

We use Adobe XD/Iconic for our app designs. We have chosen to go with this program because it is made specifically for designers. It is a fast and easy way to create a flawless design for your audience.

By using Adobe XD we are able to create a beautiful app that is fit for several different devices and offers impeccable user experience.

Let our team help you create an app that will take your business and brand to the next level.

Visit our app design page to learn more about our app design and building services.

App Development: The Build

In addition to having a website, another great way to maintain a top-of-mind position with your audience is to have an app. With the majority of the population using smartphones now, apps are an everyday thing for people. From social media to shopping to looking at their doctor’s results – there is nearly an app for everything.

In addition to keeping your business readily visible and top-of-mind for customers by being constantly present on their phone, you can also use an app to retarget them or bring them into your business when they might not have even had any intention of visiting you that day.

The thought of a high-priced developer might be what has scared you away from developing an app for your business thus far. However, our team makes a great service affordable for you. We are here to help meet your app needs.

App-Development-The-Build-my-basic-llcThe benefits of having an app

  1. Make your marketing efforts more direct.

    Mobile apps provide a lot of additional insight into your customers. For example, their shopping habits, demographics and geographical locations.

    Provide your customers with value.

    A great example of how an app can provide your customers with more value is a loyalty program. You can simply do a point system that rewards customers for being frequent shoppers.

    This benefit is actually symbiotic, meaning it benefits both the customer and your business. With a loyalty program, your customers feel like they are being rewarded for shopping with you, and in return, they are more likely to shop with you more often.

    Build better brand recognition.

    Don’t let the fact that this is last on the list fool you – this one is important. Your brand is what customers associate with and what helps to develop a loyal customer.

    Being regularly visible to them and giving them a resource hub with information about your company is a great way to enhance brand recognition.

Let us build your app

To build the perfect app for you, we use either React Native or Flutter. Both types of software offer all the options we need to be able to customize your app just how you would like it. 

Our team is passionate about helping your business succeed – whether you are just starting out or you are just looking to grow and reach your next goal. With a wide array of services, including impeccable app building, we are ready to get you to the next level.

For more information, visit our app development page.

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We’re Right Nextdoor, Call Us.

Believe it or not we’ve been right nextdoor providing  services since 2008. A lot has progressed since our start and that’s how life is. Web Design services have continued to change and we offer clients custom web hosting services, why? Over time we have learned what they need so we’re able to offer them what they need. We’re also willing to say “you don’t need a,b,c” if they don’t need it.


During the launch of a project our clients are assigned a project manager who will be along for the journey and after once the project is complete. This allows the organization to grow.

App Development? We do that.

Do you develop on Android and IOS? Yep.

Can you help me market my app and grow my user base? Yes.

We develop apps using JavaScript and Dart, the keys to Native React and Flutter.

Why choose us? We can build your app and position you where you need to be to succeed. Of course we’re one of many options but we’re also good Stewards of business. We’re experienced and we have the expertise to bring your idea to life. Call us: 404-477-4512.

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