How your business can stay productive in bad weather

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Bad weather can make life challenging for people and business alike but we can stay productive, especially if we work on computers. Many businesses can function from home if you have a contingency plan. We’re talking about that part that relies on computers. If you haven’t consider developing a contingency plan whats stopping you? Rather than telling your employees stay at home there’s still an opportunity for them to be productive at home. You’ll have to work out all of the intricacies if you’re management or the owner but the day doesn’t have to be a total waste.

1. Blog- Whether your business is at home or a brick and mortar blogging is a good way to stay productive in bad weather. You might have had a couple of meetings cancelled due to bad weather but that may be time for you to do something else concerning your business. Write a new article and display your expertise to potential people looking for your service/product. Have you developed a weekly and daily plan for business operations?

2. Express Email Marketing– Send out a special Newsletter offering a discount because of the bad weather. Since Winter Storm Leon is looking to affect millions people consider offering a “Winter Storm Leon Special” and you might be able to affect those same people in a positive and profitable way. When you create your themed newsletter center it around that particular season. Going with a snow theme during the winter or a winter storm isn’t a bad marketing idea.

3. Follow Up- Have some possible clients you met within the past couple of months? Follow up with them and see how they’re doing and work toward securing that new business with them. In the entrepreneurship world there’s always something you could be doing on behalf of your business.

4. Plan on new ways of becoming more profitable- Ask yourself this question and write down at least 3 ideas… “How can I be more profitable?” “How can I be more efficient?” These are questions you should consider then look at what you’ve written and begin at looking at the best ways to implement your responses.

It’s snowing outside and I had an appointment that was cancelled due to the snow here in Decatur, Georgia. So what did the CEO decide to do? Write a Blog post…stay safe out there and check back for more cool blog posts.

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