Business Tip 7 “Get Organized, It Can Make Life A Little Easier”

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If you’re an entrepreneur or business professional chances are you network a lot. That’s one of the ways you meet new people and drum up new business. Well as you go to event after event what do you do with the business cards you collect from the cool people you meet? I’ve kept business cards in designated places and some have just disappeared…smh.

When people give you their business card its a way to keep in touch with them. The picture below shows you how someone’s desk might look after a networking event and how they can get organized.

Did I always know to do this? Nah, I do have a sister however named wisdom and she did give me the solution to the problem. Back when I was a teenager I used to collect football cards of my favorite players. They had plastic pages to put the cards in to keep them neat and organized. Do they have the same thing for business cards? Yep, so I leave you with a picture of chaos and order lol. Have an enjoyable, blessed, and safe Labor Day weekend.




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