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My name is Steward Clinton I’d like to share with you some business tips for your business. I represent My Basic LLC, we provide marketing consulting, web design, web hosting, app development, and other supportive services.
I’d like point something out you can test on your website url…
See where the red arrows are on the image on the left?
When you pull up Google Chrome  you will see the “Not secure” notification which means the website doesn’t have an ssl certificate and is providing an unsecure web browsing experience for the end user.
On internet explorer(edge) you’ll see a similar notification with an exclamation point:”Be careful here”
Your connection to this website isn’t encrypted. This makes it easier for someone to steal sensitive information like passwords.
Firefox says “Connection is not Secure” in red.
Google, Bing, and other search engines look favorably at websites that have an SSL certificate on their website so much so that in can improve a websites web rankings in search results. Ultimately you want people to find your website using a keyword that many people use to find the services/products you offer. This deals with digital marketing and search engine optimization. You can get an ssl at along with web hosting and a business email. We’d like to offer you a 10 minute complimentary consultation to see how your’e doing with your marketing and website. Maybe we can save you some money on your web hosting which you can put into your marketing campaign and grow your business. Give us a call, 404-477-4512
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