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Lets grow your business by five to ten percent in 2019!!

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The algorithm to success

According to Local Search Association, 8 out of 10 people use search engines to find local products or services, while there are 3.5 billion searches on Google daily. Despite these high statistics, it’s still unlikely your website will get the attention you desire. Currently there are over 1.8 billion sites on the web which makes it difficult to establish a web presence. One of the best ways to improve your online presence is by investing in Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing a websites traffic by ensuring that your site appears high within the results.

Search engines follow a specific set of rules called Algorithms. Algorithms help determine how high your website will appear within the search results. Sites that follow these algorithms are deemed more important than others. This importance translates into a higher page rank. All search engines use multiple algorithms when determining a sites importance. For example, Google uses multiple algorithms such as PageRank, Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Google Hummingbird.

So why is this important? According to Brafton, websites on the first search results page receive 95% of web traffic. If your site doesn’t rank high within the search results, then you’re losing potential clients. When people search for something that’s relevant to them and see your site, they’re going to click. If a website is ranked lower than other sites, then most likely it won’t be visited. These visits aren’t simply clicks. Visitors are users looking for exactly what you offer. Therefore, these users are most likely potential customers or subscribers. If you aren’t ranked high within the search results, your business stands to lose that profit and traffic. While you may offer a unique service or product locally, you could be beat by an outsider company.

Businesses aren’t just competing with organic listings. Google consistently revises the format of its search engine results page (SERP). An organic search result could be placed below a local 3-pack. The local 3-pack are suggestions based on a user’s location. These suggestions add to the competition that businesses can face. While featured snippets can also take away from your sites traffic. Featured snippets provide users information on the search results page. Businesses in highly saturated markets will also have more competition online. The reason for this is the more a keyword is used, the more competition there is to rank higher. There are steps to help gain a leg up on the competition though.

It’s important to understand the algorithms that search engines use. Understanding search engine algorithms will help maximize your traffic and sales. Links, reputation, titles, reputation and keywords all matter when optimizing your webpage. Understanding and optimizing your site may seem like a daunting task, however Search Engine Optimization is essential. According to emarketer, 68% of marketing professionals in North America said that SEO is a crucial marketing tactic to meet local objectives.

Whether you’re a fortune five hundred company or a start-up, MyBasicLLC can help you reach that prized spot on the first page of the search results. We’ve had the opportunity of working with multiple companies and have helped them gain the traffic they needed to boost their business. We have the experience and time needed to help maximize relevant traffic to your site. Our job is to help you get the attention you deserve and set up for the business growth you’re looking for.

Our team of professionals are experienced content developers who will help you reach your audience.  We would like to talk to you over the phone or in person to learn more about your business in order to come up with a marketing plan.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out other posts on how our services can help your business grow and succeed.

-Adam and the MyBasicTeam

SEO Strategies: What Is Most Important?

When it comes to securing traffic for your website and gaining views for your product or service, it is more than just creating a website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the sure ways to increase your likelihood of success. When done correctly, SEO strategies can greatly increase the likelihood that you will show up higher in the rankings of searches throughout search engines.

But, with that being said, SEO is not as simple as throwing a few keywords on a page and hoping for the best. Effective SEO takes defined strategies.

So, when you want to improve your SEO strategies, here are a few of the most important aspects to consider:

  1. Optimization for mobile search and browsing

    The days of users getting headaches over trying to view a web-only site on their iPhone should be over. Users prefer a mobile version so that your website is readily compatible with their phones. So, optimization for mobile search comes in as one of the most important SEO strategies.

    Your site should be easy to navigate on a small screen and have a layout that is most compatible with a phone – ensuring all the key information is still visible and readable.

  2. Improve the user experience.

    This goes in line with optimizing your site for a mobile search…

    But, mobile phone or computer, search engines are looking for sites that offer an impeccable user experience. You should have a site that is easily navigated, offers quality content, and gets right to the point. Consider what kind of sites you like to visit and what they look like.

  3. Focus on intentional link building.

    Most businesses used to focus simply on keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing consists of trying to get as many keywords into an article, as many times as possible. But, this is no longer the most effective method.

    Now, one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking is to focus on intentional link building. High-quality backlinks to your site from other authoritative sites are what will show the search engines you are worthy enough to be ranked high.

    Search for partners who post relevant content to what is listed on your site.

We can help!

While some of these strategies might sound simple, all of the legwork that goes into SEO can get complicated. If you aren’t sure where to start or find that you still need help, allow our team of experts to assist. We will help you reach the ranking you desire and deserve.

Benefits of Blogging: For Your Small Business

At some point in your life, you have probably read a blog. Rather it was one of your favorite celebrity’s blogs, a company’s blog whom you were looking to purchase from, or just a “how-to” article on a blog for home improvement. Blogs are prevalent on the Internet, and rightfully so as they serve several purposes. Blogs are both informative to the reader and beneficial to the overall business model of the company whose blog it is.

As a small business, the more marketing strategies you can put in place to get your name out there, the better. One easy way to promote your products, your company and just to gain traffic to your site is by keeping up a blog.

A few benefits of blogging for a small business include:


  1. Boosting your search engine optimization. Major search engines love fresh content and keywords. A blog is an easy way to post fresh content regularly – develop a plan and pick a posting day. You are then constantly giving the search engines new content to crawl through, and then by incorporating keywords, you are making your site more visible to Internet users. In turn, this could increase your revenue.
  2. Interact with customers, potential and existing. Whether it is talking about how your product or service can help someone, or explaining to them how to use one of your products or services more efficiently, you are offering potential and existing clients useful information. You can also develop followers this way, people can like and comment on your content and also share it for others to see.
  3. Connect people to your brand. By giving your brand a face and a personality, users are much more inclined to get involved with your brand as they find something to connect to. A blog is also a great way to show your support for certain causes and issues, also generating a bigger following and gaining more dedicated customers.
  4. Establish yourself as an industry leader. You can demonstrate your knowledge via your blog. Show your clients why you are the best in the industry, what you know and the great deals your offer. You can easily give yourself some credibility through a blog.

SEO: A Marketing Tool to Help Your Customers Find Your Business

To take full advantage of the opportunity that major commercial search engines such as Google and Bing offer, your business should be putting some of its efforts into the focus of seo or search engine optimization.

Let’s just get right down to the basics of how search engine optimization can add a new dimension for the marketing aspect of your business…

What is Search Engine Optimization?

While other online avenues, such as social media, drive business to your site, major search engines are the primary method of navigation for most Internet users. The importance of search engine optimization, also known as SEO, remains true whether your site provides information, content, services, or just about anything else you can think of.

SEO is defined as a marketing discipline designed to increase your site traffic. It is focused on growing site visibility in search engine results, more specifically organic – or non-paid – search engine results. This technique focuses on both creative and technical elements including the way other sites link to you on the web and the words on your page. It can also be as simple as understanding how to properly structure your site in a way that the search engine understands.

How does SEO work?

The world of SEO is quite complex – which is why it is beneficial to invest in SEO education and help. Major search engines are constantly working together to improve their technology, designing it to crawl deep into the depths of the web and return the best results to search Internet users.

However, while search engines are very smart, there is a limit to how they can operate. There is a fine line between netting thousands of users and burying your site in a deep Internet grave, leaving it minimally visible to the average user.

For example, SEO focuses on the correct placement of keywords. There are certain keywords or key phrases which are commonly searched. Incorporating these keywords or key phrases into your content will make your site more visible, however, your keywords should only make up about 1-2 percent of your text, or else it is too much.

In conclusion, it is all about skill and knowledge. There is a fine line between improving your marketing and damaging it with SEO, so it is imperative that you obtain the proper training and enlist the proper help.

Content is King with a twist

content-is-king-my-basicllcThere are many elements that go in to successful search engine optimization. The one component that prevails over all else, however, is content. When it comes to a successful SEO campaign, content will always be king.

Why is Content “King” to the SEO Company?

Content Quality Provides Value to Website Visitors

Content is what hooks website readers in to a site and keeps them coming back. Content of real value that offers something unique and relevant to website visitors also gives credence to a site in the eyes of search engine robots. Why? Because more website visitors let search engines know that a website is a worthy resource of information. Therefore, it is so important for search engine optimization companies to focus on content as well as design. A pretty design means nothing if it doesn’t contain useful and relevant information that will keep readers coming back!

Content Contains Keywords

Quality content that targets relevant keywords is the key behind successful SEO marketing. Strategic keyword placement not only tells website visitors what a business is about, but it also tells search engine robots what a website is about. It is important, however, for a company seeking SEO services to hire a professional who is familiar with keyword ratios to avoid keyword spamming.

While keywords are an important aspect of content optimization, too many keywords can portray a website as being “spammy” or designed solely for profit rather than informational purposes. For example, while searching for “automotive reviews”, a website that provides readable and quality content is going to be much preferred by a reader over a website that simply restates the keyword set repeatedly while providing little quality information. Search engines are aware of this fact and will favor the website that offers higher quality information.

Alternatively, an SEO “professional” who is unaware of how to optimize content for keywords could very easily target the wrong keywords which will have little to no impact on a website’s success. For example, a website designed to sell baking supplies may reference the word “hobby” more than other, more relevant, keywords. Certainly, being ranked in a search engine for “hobby” may be beneficial, but it would be more beneficial for that website to be ranked for “cake baking”.

Content is Dynamic

Any SEO company worth their salt knows that fresh content is crucial to the success of any website. New content provides a reason for website visitors to return, but it also provides more content for search engines to crawl through and rank.  More content also means more opportunity to introduce relevant keywords which SEO marketing relies on to continually expand the reach of a site!

Is Content Everything?

Any SEO company that tells you that content is everything is not one that you want providing your SEO services. Why? Because while content is king, like any court system, a website has other members of “royalty” who are needed for the whole system to function fluidly. For example, a website that offers premium content (the king), but does so with a design (the queen) that represents a blatant advertisement, is going to underperform. Instead, to function optimally, a website should incorporate the “whole family” which is comprised of strong content, a strong design, up to date technology, the use of security and monitoring tools, and performance optimizing techniques.


Search Engine Optimization Better Known As SEO

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is the ongoing process of ensuring that a website is ranked highly on a search engine. This high-ranking status creates a higher flow of traffic to the website and consequently increased popularity or patronage of a business.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

During the website development process, various creative and tactical processes are used to improve the visibility of a website to search engines. These processes focus on three main components – website structure, website content, and website linking.

Website Structure

Search engines rank websites based on “indexable content”. Indexable content is content that can be read by the search engine when it visits a website. Unlike human website visitors who can see images, fonts, and video content, etc. Search engines are limited in how they see and interpret your site. This means that to see and index your website properly, your website must be built using a structure that is understandable to search engine robots so that it can be indexed.

Website Content

In addition to building a website using a structure that is readable by search engines, the content that the search engine finds when it visits your website must be optimized. What does this mean? It means that when the search engine looks through your website, you must have content that clearly states (using keywords, titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc.) what your company does, what services your company offers, and show that your website is relevant to your specific niche.

Website Linking

Once your website has been structured appropriately and optimized to focus on keyword content, the next order of business is website linking. There are several factors that go in to determining the “weight” of an outgoing or incoming link to a website.

When websites link to other websites, search engines look at those links to assess the value of your content using a series of algorithms.  During this process, search engine robots can determine whether the content on the linking sites are relevant to the same niche, quality content worth being linked, and trustworthy enough to be linked by other authority websites.

Why Does Search Engine Optimization Matter?

Incorporating the framework of search engine optimization is an important step in website development and one that should be considered from the very beginning. SEO is ultimately what will determine the success or failure of your website content and consequently, your business.

Is SEO Something You Can Do Yourself?

Unfortunately, many business owners believe that they can optimize their own websites for search engines after reading an article or two about the SEO process. While SEO is something that you can learn, it is a constantly evolving approach to marketing that requires full time dedication. To get the best results from search engine optimization, skip the “do-it-yourself” and hire a web development specialist whose job it is to stay on top of the continuously advancing SEO field.

Scale up your business with search engine optimization

Do you know you can increase your revenue significantly with search engine optimization? We need to let you know SEO is like the holy grail of online marketing. I believe it falls under the mantle of marketing because it involves marketing your business directly to your online audience.

SEO services are designed to help you rank your website with specific keywords people are using to find your product or service. How do I know? Lets try it. For this test let’s use the popular search engine Google.

Here’s a million dollar tip: make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Lets type in catering Decatur. You will see step by step catering come up in the search results, they’re one of our clients. Coming up in search results on the first page is better than not coming up in search results at all.

If you do the math you’ll see businesses on the front page have a better chance of earning a potential customer’s business than say a website that’s on the 2nd page. Many people today don’t have time to click on page after page to find what they need, Search Engine Optimization’s goal is to help you rank in the top results thus driving more traffic to your site thus driving up revenue.

SEO is similar to advertising because it can help you reach a large audience and boost revenue, do you want to increase revenue for your business?

If you answered yes, call me for your complimentary optimization report.

If you have a budget for advertising on TV I believe it is in your favor to take a portion of that budget and invest in Search Engine Optimization. The benefits outweigh the investment in that once we get you ranked you’ll be able to see firsthand the results through increased web traffic to your site, increased calls, and most importantly increased business.

I will admit there are additional factors that you control that ultimately determine whether someone does business with you. Some of these factors are pricing, customer services, and the quality of your product/service. Being that our background is in marketing that gives us capacity to take a deeper look into your business to pinpoint what works and what needs improvement.

Search engine optimization is not a blind approach to marketing, its precision guided, like a laser. There are tools like analytics in place to help you gauge an SEO campaign progress then there’s getting on a search engine and typing in the keyword in question.

Keep in mind when we help you ranked with one search engine it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same ranking with another, this is because search engines use different algorithms.

Lot to take in huh? If you want help getting your website ranked online with keywords people are using to find the service/product you offer we’d like to talk with you further and help. Until next time, take care.


This Is How To Increase Traffic To Your Website And Get Ranked With Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website ranked with search engine optimization takes continuous work, planning, and many other variables you may not have the time to sit down and do yourself. That’s why it’s a good investment to hire an SEO company to do the hard work for you and get results. If you’re not sure how search engine optimization works here is an example. Lets look at MLB Transportation, their website is They are a non-emergency transportation and charter bus company serving Atlanta Georgia.

They needed to be ranked on Google so when people used the keywords “charter bus”, “charter bus service”, and non-emergency transportation they would come up in the top search results. It’s makes sense because decided based on their domain name you wouldn’t know they offered those particular services.

MyBasic LLC planned a course of action with MLB Transportation and went to work. Months later you can type those keywords in Google and you’ll see they come up in search results on the first page. What did SEO do for their site? It helped sustain their business and increase their revenue. Having an SSL certificate on your website can boost your rankings with search engines like Google.
My friend this is how you drive and increase traffic to your website, hire an SEO company that has experience helping clients get ranked and increasing their traffic. This will free up your time so you can focus on macro managing your business. Methods and algorithms for getting ranked change all the time so it helps to have MyBasic LLC on your side. Our team of experienced professionals thrive at helping websites get ranked.

The cool part of SEO is visitors start coming to your website form internet searches. People in general don’t have the time to wonder how you appeared in their search results, all they know is they typed in a keyword and your business showed up on the first page results and they clicked on your website to see what you had to offer.

Part of the process of us helping you with SEO if you don’t already know is adding analytics to your website. This will show you important stats like bounce rate, how long people spent time on your website, where they visited your site from, what pages they looked at, whether they used a pc or mobile device, demographics i.e., organic searches vs direct visit, whether they’re male or female, age group, and a couple of other factors that can help you fine tune your Marketing campaign and gauge if the SEO team you hired is doing what they said.

What we want most is to work hard and get your website ranked so you can compete with your competition. If your website is out of sight then it out of your audiences mind. We need for you to succeed, why? Because your success is our success. Please call us or email us today to talk further on how we can help you get ranked and increase your website traffic. or (404) 477-4512