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Get help with your business license and web design

Need help getting your business license and web design services to build your website? My Basic LLC can help. We have the team with the expertise and experience to help.  Need to business-license-web-design-mybasicllcknow someone to put in the work to help you get your business license? We want to help.

Your website is the gateway to reaching prospective customers online, its gotta be user friendly and functional. It has to be search engine friendly and responsive so someone who has a smartphone, laptop, or a 40-inch monitor/TV wont have a hard time looking at your website.

Once your website is built the real work will just be beginning. How do people find your website online? Do you want us to help you with a local, regional, or national marketing campaign? Lets put our creative thinking caps on, team up and help grow your business today. Call us for your complimentary consultation. If you need more info on getting a business license in Georgia feel free to visit this link for business license.

-My Basic LLC

Virtual Reality Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Virtual reality has become a major aspect of a business. It is used to secure clients, teach, and aid in healthcare treatment. VR offers users a real-life experience simply through technology, making their experience as real as ever. The technology has continued to advance recently, providing an even more real-life experience and developing to help even more industries. And, there are a few virtual reality trends coming soon to keep up with.VR girl on bike

Of course, virtual reality is still a fairly new technology and people are just now seeing the true benefits of it really take off.

So, it is something to watch out for and to incorporate into your business while it is still at the ground level. Dive into virtual reality today and stay one step ahead of your competitors!

But, aside from staying one step ahead, these are the virtual reality trends you should keep up with:


  1. It will continue to get more affordable. As more and more people incorporate this into their lives and businesses, the technology will continue to get more affordable – meaning it can be incorporated into even more aspects of life and business. If you want a great deal, reach out to us today and let our team of experts get you set up with all the VR technology you will need.
  2. Increased portability and visibility. Over time, experts predict that the headsets will only get smaller and more manageable, meaning it will continue to get easier to incorporate into your business. What you are only using at tradeshows right now, might turn into an everyday marketing aspect of your business.
  3. Sensory feedback. Right now, the VR experience is quite immersive, but it can only get better from here. Soon, users could experience the weight, force, and even temperature changes of their environment. Being able to completely immerse your customer in the experience they can expect will leave them begging for more!


Trust us, this is a technology you don’t want to miss out on! These virtual reality trends are on the rise. The possibilities it can offer not only your customers but your business is endless. Let us help you climb that mountain to success today. We will get you set up with VR and get you two steps ahead of the competition!

A hacked website is bad for business.

Running a business can be a headache sometimes and a hacked website can only add to the drama. One of the benefits of working with My Basic LLC when it comes to web design and web hosting is we try to take steps to minimize a website being hacked and taken down. Our team strives to help our clients stay online 24/7. Wisdom is our sister and she’s always imparting nuggets to help us help our clients and stay relevant. One of our clients recently called us to let us know her website was down, after we got the call we checked the website and sure enough…

Hackers gonna hack

Its frustrating when someone hacks your website and you have few options to get your website restored. Usually hackers want to either hack more computers or they want you to pay them a fee to restore your website. Really? I guess so. If hackers didn’t hack they wouldn’t be called hackers I guess.

Solution to hacking 

Know and hire a business that thinks independently of your business and has the experience and tools to manage your website. We’re not the ultimate solution but we know just enough to  measures an unsuspecting business owner might not take to keep your website safe. Our partners at also have good tools in place to try and continually minimize risk to your website. Do you have a social website or ecommerce website? Have you invested a considerable amount of money and time into your website? Consider taking extra caution and give us a call.

End Result

Client is back online. If you need someone on your team to help keep your website secure we can help. We strive to keep our clients safe. Its interesting what’s going on out here with all these data breaches and hacked websites.



Be careful when it comes to clicking on links in emails or downloading attachments from people you do not know. If you do not know them in the first place that is a red flag. One way you can verify if someone is who they say they are is confirm their email address. Does the IRS really send emails to links for you to download, can you say spam? Stay safe out there.


Business Wisdom 2015: If You Want Different Results…Try Something Different

To succeed is business you have to apply wisdom. it’s flexible, real-time, new, and always changing. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business for a really long time this article can help add perspective concerning business growth. Whether you’re a work from home business or a fortune 500 company wisdom continually asks “Can we do something better to get better results?” Better is simply applying a different or enhanced approach other than what you’re currently doing. Continue reading

There is no one single definitive answer to this question but we’ll explore several ideas that we hope will help you have a better understanding in the decision making process of your business when it comes to marketing your business.

Marketing Campaign

Taking an educated guess at answering this question we believe you should allocate 50-70 percent of your overall budget toward marketing. Can this guess be disproved? Possibly but It depends on the business you’re in and who your audience is. It can also depend on timing and chance. Other businesses in your industry are spending money toward marketing so it’s imperative that you do too. How else is your audience going to become aware of your product/service. Continue reading