Looking for a grant or loan to expand or start your business? Learn more here.

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Looking for a loan or a grant to expand or start your business? Below are a few resources that can help you on your quest to growth and profitability.  There are a few highly competitive private sector grants for certain types of businesses, and a few specifically for woman-owned businesses.

Out of sight out of mind in business

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Grow your business, change the world You've heard the phrase, out of sight out of mind right? This applies to business too! If your potential customers don't see your business on a consistent basis it's more than likely not on their mind.  When they go online looking for your product/service

Business licenses info and web design services

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Are you looking for some assistance on business licenses and web design services? My Basic LLC would like to help. Our team has the expertise and experience and all it takes is a call to begin the process.  It helps to know someone who will help you get your business

Key Features of Web Design in E-commerce

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So, you’ve decided to start a business. E-commerce is one of the most reasonable choices on your list. It provides you with the opportunity to operate from home, eliminating the need for a storefront. But, with several other competing e-commerce businesses out there, it is vital that you start with

Content Marketing 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Content marketing has now become one of the most effective marketing strategies as it allows you to give insight into your product or service and truly connect with your audience. Content marketing is defined as a type of marketing that involves creating content and sharing it online through various avenues

Why It Makes Sense To Develop A Team

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When a business owner is everywhere trying to do everything within his or her company do you think they're as effective as having an extended team? There are so many facets to running a business successfully and micromanaging it isn't one of them. At My Basic LLC we like to

Business Tip 7 “Get Organized, It Can Make Life A Little Easier”

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If you're an entrepreneur or business professional chances are you network a lot. That's one of the ways you meet new people and drum up new business. Well as you go to event after event what do you do with the business cards you collect from the cool people you

Marketing|Advertising|Web Design

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At MyBasic LLC our goal is to help you realize your full potential. #NoFluff #JustBusiness  

Synergy- It Makes Absolute Sense

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Synergy is an essential tool needed for success. We are not going to say much but we'll let the picture speak for us.

Do You Have A Strategy?

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If you don't have a strategy that details how you're gonna accomplish your business goals take 5 minutes,  write one out, and post it on your wall where you see it everyday. Maybe put it on a dry eraser board so if you need to alter it a little bit from

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