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Bad weather can make life challenging for people and business alike but we can stay productive, especially if we work on computers. Many businesses can function from home if you have a contingency plan. We’re talking about that part that relies on computers. If you haven’t consider developing a contingency plan whats stopping you? Rather than telling your employees stay at home there’s still an opportunity for them to be productive at home. You’ll have to work out all of the intricacies if you’re management or the owner but the day doesn’t have to be a total waste.

1. Blog- Whether your business is at home or a brick and mortar blogging is a good way to stay productive in bad weather. You might have had a couple of meetings cancelled due to bad weather but that may be time for you to do something else concerning your business. Write a new article and display your expertise to potential people looking for your service/product. Have you developed a weekly and daily plan for business operations?

2. Express Email Marketing– Send out a special Newsletter offering a discount because of the bad weather. Since Winter Storm Leon is looking to affect millions people consider offering a “Winter Storm Leon Special” and you might be able to affect those same people in a positive and profitable way. When you create your themed newsletter center it around that particular season. Going with a snow theme during the winter or a winter storm isn’t a bad marketing idea.

3. Follow Up- Have some possible clients you met within the past couple of months? Follow up with them and see how they’re doing and work toward securing that new business with them. In the entrepreneurship world there’s always something you could be doing on behalf of your business.

4. Plan on new ways of becoming more profitable- Ask yourself this question and write down at least 3 ideas… “How can I be more profitable?” “How can I be more efficient?” These are questions you should consider then look at what you’ve written and begin at looking at the best ways to implement your responses.

It’s snowing outside and I had an appointment that was cancelled due to the snow here in Decatur, Georgia. So what did the CEO decide to do? Write a Blog post…stay safe out there and check back for more cool blog posts.

An Open Letter To Businesses And Aspiring Entrepreneurs… New Year, New Revenue

“New year, new revenue”, what is it going to take to accomplish this statement? I’d say all that you did last year and more, let’s focus on the “more” aspect. What plans have you thought of to increase your revenue? Work harder, work longer hours, increase your marketing budget, hire more people to help you grow your business? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to start a business? Are you willing to take on the risk and rewards of starting and running your own business? If you said yes great if no this may not be for you.

Are you comfortable where you are right now? If so do you think you will do as well as you want by doing the same thing in the new year? There is truth in the statement “we are creatures of habit” but I will note success comes by inhibiting habit. Habit can often say do the minimum, stay safe, and be happy with the results, defying habit is to do something major that you did not do before, stretch your thinking and horizons. Do you want a bigger audience to become aware of your product/service? Do you want them to buy more from you? Are you willing to do what it takes to help that audience meet their needs?

Though the definition of success will vary from person to person one thing is certain. True success can be defined as mastering the goals/plans you set out to accomplish. Whether or not it is the same plan or a new plan is up to you but I believe you’re in business to grow and the very definition according to Merriam-Webster is: to become better or improved in some way, to become more developed, mature, etc.  Set a new goal and work toward accomplishing it, refine it along the way if needed and once you’ve met that goal… success. While you work toward long term success go after short term success as well.

Exercise your faith, in doing so you will have done things you physically couldn’t see before they happened. The bible says faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. What are the potential consequences of faith? Growth, Success, Job Creation, Gaining More Control Of Your Time, Doing The Things You’ve Always Wanted To Do. You don’t only live once but while you’re in this life time make an impact and reinvest in your local community, leave a positive legacy that those following behind you could look at how you lived your life and say “ I want to do what he/she did and more”.

Whether you work for someone or you’re a business owner take this to heart… life is about relationships and cultivating those relationships. Not only with family and friends but people you encounter daily. Can love have a positive impact in business and the work place? Yes.

Here is a blueprint… be patient with people, it pays to be kind to people, don’t envy people, don’t boast to people (stay humble and watch God elevate you more) , don’t be rude to people, don’t be self-seeking, always hope for the best for people, forgive people of their mistakes (they’re not perfect), don’t be easily angered, don’t delight in being evil toward people nor God, honor those who help you reach your success, protect them, trust them

As we leave 2014 behind welcome 2015 with new sense of tenacity, boldness, and consistency

I am my brother and sister’s keeper, Merry Christmas.

P.S. to love your neighbor as yourself is godlike.

If Marketing was as easy as three numbers all businesses would be successful. Marketing to an ever changing demographic can often be complex and expensive. Audiences are so segmented that it is often imperative to launch a full scale marketing campaign, this will also involve research.

Another little talked about ingredient to marketing success is timing. Ever try to launch a Christmas campaign in the middle of summer? Many businesses often advertise during the Thanksgiving Holiday to get audiences everywhere ready for the shopping season.

Ever wonder why Video Game Publishers like EA spend millions of dollars to advertise months in advance of a game release? They’re sowing seeds with the goal of tapping their audience base to inform them of new title, pre-order, and reach out to potential buyers.

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Networking Expo 2014 Cobb Galleria Centre

My experience at the first ever Networking Expo at the Cobb Galleria Centre was awesome! I (Steward) met other business owners and reps from pretty respectable businesses. The Networking Expo, put on by Corey “The Tax Guy” Moore had several good presenters that gave tips on networking and establishing true relationships. One of the many companies I was fascinated with was 3D Printer Technology. I’ve seen  the revolutionary break through 3D Printer on TV that involves printing physical pieces and seeing the technology work in person was fascinating. Continue reading

3 reasons You need a marketing campaign for your business in 2014

  1. You need a marketing campaign for your business because your competition is doing it. Marketing is the art of helping your audience become aware of your brand, product, and service. Successful marketing creates a demand. We say brand because chances are there are many other businesses that are doing what you do. Marketing helps differentiate you from your competition. It helps your audience understand why they should choose your brand over the rest. If you’re not marketing chances are you’re just getting by or won’t be much longer if no one knows about you.
  2. Marketing helps your audience become familiar with your brand. Ever buy a flat screen from a brand you’ve never heard of? Ok you might have in Walmart but has Walmart ever allowed a brand with no track record to sit in their isles? The point is marketing helps your audience become or stay familiar with your brand, you do want to grow and become profitable right?
  3.  Marketing helps you grow your business. You go into business to meet a need and there are millions of people out there who could benefit from your product/service. How do you reach them? Its simple and has been the same for centuries…. Marketing.

There are many forms of marketing today that you can take advantage of. Below are the main ones we feel how people stay connected

  1. TV/Satellite
  2. Radio
  3. Billboards
  4. Online Advertising
  5. Print
  6. Word of mouth

Which of these are you using on a regular basis? If you’re not employing one of these methods I encourage you to give us a call so we can decipher which one will work best with your budget. You do have a budget set aside to market your business correct? If you build a website you’re gonna pay a certain amount depending on the website company you hire. Whatever that amount is that you pay you should pay that for marketing your website or more.


The cool thing about marketing campaigns is they can be geared toward your budget. There’s a certain threshold you need to pass in order to be effective and profitable.  Your budget could be $1,000 a month or $100,000 a month or depending on how deep your war chest is. If you don’t have a budget look at your war chest and set some coins aside to specifically get the word out about your product or service. If your product/service is good and you’re at the right place at the right time and you’re running a marketing campaign I see nothing but success for you. Consider MyBasic LLC if you’re looking for help with your next marketing campaign. We can help you with the above mentioned forms of marketing.