In Preparation For 2020 We’ve Invested In A New Phone Number

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In preparation for 2020, we've invested in a new number. You can reach us at (877) 662-1090. 1 Sales and Support 2. Stew Hosting 3. My Business Tree

We want to help you market your business for free, learn how here

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At My Basic LLC we're always thinking of ways we can help local small businesses grow. We've seen over the years many platforms and think it's a good time to begin the first phase of a unique idea to help local small businesses market their business. Our way of contributing

Local initiatives we want to help with:

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These are some of the local initiatives we're aiming to help with as we grow My Business Tree: Student debt Mentoring Community Poverty Diabetes Heart Disease Cancer Gardening Education Starting and Running A Successful Business Innovation This is not all we'd like to focus on but it's a start. We

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In life we wear many hats. Sometimes we're privileged to have others come along side us, help out, and share in the hat wear #thankyou - Steward D. Clinton

A more organic look

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If you haven't noticed we've updated our website and logo to go with a more organic color presentation. We're fans of gardening and just thought... "wow, why not adapt those colors we see around us into our website and logo." We revamped our logo and replace the dot in the

This weekend we celebrate

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This weekend we celebrate mankind’s greatest solution to all of life’s challenges... #Jesus Be #encouraged #atlanta #newyork #orlando #miami #alabama #charleston #california #canada #texas #neworleans #missouri #kansascity #illinois #chicago #mexico #africa #china #australia #hawaii #japan #southkorea #northkorea #iraq #britian #scotland #germany #usa #iran #india #pakistan #russia #syria #jerusalem #rome #europe

Web Design Team Prepares To Relaunch Website Just In Time For Spring

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It's almost spring time and that means new web design! When it comes to your business you have to treat it like your home during the changing of the seasons, its time for spring cleaning! We're excited like our clients are when their site goes live because we're getting ready

#success happens in steps. 

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#success happens in steps.  For some, those steps are short while for others they're a little longer. The journey is the experience, the experience is life. And success isn't guaranteed. Let's step into it together, Lord willing. Supporting #smallbusiness from #florida to #georgia to #california to #newyork. It's time to

Cobb Referral Partners

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Jennifer from Atlantic Capital is awesome and about the community. If you know someone who is looking for info on affordable housing. Givinghandups

Merry Christmas From My Basic LLC!

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As we take a moment to pause from business we reflect on the true reason of Christmas, Jesus. It is amazing how God demonstrated his love for you and me by sending his son into the world to give us an option to have a real relationship with him. Today

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