Does it make more sense to put more time in your social media posts or website posts?

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Where you spend your time adding posts depends on where your audience spends their time. Do they spend more time on social media or do they spend more time searching for your service on the internet? Chances are they’re going to use their “go to” search engine to find your

Never stop learning

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That's our motto. We benefit, our clients benefit. #GoogleUdacityScholars #GrowWithGoogle #excited

How to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston

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I'm not sure anyone in Houston thought Hurricane Harvey would do as much damage as it has done. If you can not give of your time, consider giving of your resources. We don't know everything but we do know it is the American thing to do to help others in

Words Of Encouragement

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Daily events show us just how much time we have to live, I acknowledge tomorrow is not guaranteed so I will live today like it is my last. One of the many things God has done is set eternity in the hearts of all mankind (both you and me), where

If You Don’t See The Opportunity… Pray, Think, Create It

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My Basic LLC is a marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 10 years of experience. We see businesses can benefit from an independent perspective because it can add value to their goal of succeeding in their respective industry.

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