Don’t Have Time To Manage Your Blog And Social Media Channels? MyBasic LLC Has The Time And Management Capability

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When Blogging and social media came on the scene it created more work for you to have to do, as if your life isn't busy enough. Now you have to write a post, proof the post, be creative, add pictures, add videos, make sure its SEO ready, and the list

Social Media-101 It Makes Sense To Be Social

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Yep it makes sense to be on social media and have profiles that link back to home unless you're not very social and you live an island, you don't live on an island though and in order for your business to do well you need new customers/clients. (more…)

My Basic LLC is a marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 10 years of experience. We see businesses can benefit from an independent perspective because it can add value to their goal of succeeding in their respective industry.

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