Use video in 2019 to promote your business

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Video can be used to help promote your business in 2019. From customer testimonials to talking about your services or products video is a tried-and-true marketing tool we all need.­ Promotional videos can help you leverage time, if you're in sales when you arr meeting with someone in person you

A rising trend to watch

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PowerPoints is one of the most common forms of presenting in the workforce. They’re used in business, education, marketing, and training. It’s estimated that over 157,184 companies use PowerPoint, according to iDataLabs. Although PowerPoint is commonly used within the world of business, it’s effectiveness has recently been called into question.

VR and Healthcare: Where is this cutting-edge technology taking us?

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Its possible by now, you have probably heard of some of the beneficial uses of virtual reality… It is changing the way businesses market to their clients, the way gamers play their games and even the way some industries educate their employees. That’s right. Industries such as the healthcare industry

We Help Your Business Stay In Focus With Your Audience

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We help your business stay in focus with your audience because if they're focused on something else they're not focused on you. Sure people have the ability to multitask but whatever is in focus gets the most attention. Put your hand in front of you and look at it, are

My Basic LLC is a marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 10 years of experience. We see businesses can benefit from an independent perspective because it can add value to their goal of succeeding in their respective industry.

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