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Virtual Reality showcase at Clayton State University

Was invited to the Pace event a couple of weeks back at Clayton State University and brought the VR rig to showcase a demo our team worked on to show proof of concept. Some of the students stopped by and had never experience virtual reality before and I was happy to enable them to experience the coolness, immersion, and potential of virtual reality. If you’re looking for better ways of providing training on the job our team can help you develop a vr program that helps. Below are a couple of pictures of the event at Clayton State University.

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Do Your Next Presentation With Virtual Reality

Are you looking for a new way of presenting to your clients or customers that can break down the barrier in interactive presentations? My Basic would like to talk with you further about your presentation-vr-mybasicproject. Imagine being able to immerse your audience in virtual reality where they can interact within your presentation. We can make that very scenario happen,

Are you having a hard time explaining your idea your end user and could use an experience team to help you better explain your concept? My Basic can help.

When it comes to creating your presentation you can benefit from a business like My Basic who’s background is in marketing. That means when we create the presentation we’re not just programming but we’re developing based on marketing ideas. These ideas are meant to drive home what you’re trying to convey and leave a memorable memory with your audience.

Sure PowerPoint is the standard way of presenting to an audience  but if you’re looking for a new way to compel your audience consider VR presentations with My Basic. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

Virtual Reality for Tangible Results

virtual realityYou are sitting there; you have a beautiful, intuitive, interactive website; your app is keeping you connected to your clients on the go, and sales have never been higher. Our team at My Basic LLC has made digital marketing a breeze! Yet you still feel that you could be doing more. You want a real attention grabber– something so cutting edge that no one can deny your relevance in today’s market. Something to make your business the trendsetter, rather than just another business struggling to keep up with modern technology advancements. 

Here at My Basic LLC, we have just the thing for you.

Put on your reading glasses, or lean in closer to your screen; you are not going to want to miss this.

Augmented and Virtual Reality is here!

This is the big marketing breakthrough for your business that you may not have even known you were waiting for.

Imagine an advertisement that enveloped you in new surroundings, new sights, new things to interact with, to emerge you into the very advertisement itself. Now imagine trying to forget something that literally altered the world around you as your senses perceive it. Not likely, to say the least. By utilizing AR/VR technology you are guaranteeing a higher rate of retention for every potential customer who– not just views, but experiences— your advertisement. Catchy jingles and slogans that rhyme work well because they stick with us longer than lengthy prose. But experiences stay with us even longer than that.

The advantages go beyond simple memory-retention. AR/VR has been proven to increase emotional connection. It doesn’t take a psychologist to understand why that is. If the commercial with all of the sad puppies at the shelter is heart-wrenching on the television, it would be near-crippling if you could reach out and touch those puppies, staring right at you with their big, puppy-dog eyes. The range of emotions to be tapped into is only limited by the imagination of your marketing team. That is why you need the expertise of My Basic LLC.

At My Basic LLC we understand that technology can be a bit of a labyrinth that grows and shifts around you, leaving you disoriented, no longer sure which way is forward. That is where we come into play, and we are here to let you know that AR/VR is the way forward. This technology had been building and improving for the last few years, and we are ecstatic to say that the time to get invested in it is finally here. Right now, your business could be benefitting from the excitement that this new platform is generating as it becomes more and more prevalent in people’s daily lives. Do not miss this opportunity to grow your consumer base simply because you are wary to get involved in a technology you might not have much, or any, experience with. That is not a problem. My Basic LLC has you covered. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss what Virtual and Augmented Reality can do for you. We will take the time to answer any questions you have so that we can set your mind at ease as you take this step forward for your brand.

And AR/VR doesn’t stop at mere advertisements. The potential that technology is now unlocking is astounding. Imagine being able to try on clothes, accessories, and shoes without ever leaving your house. Contemplate what a virtual space could mean for those who attend online classes. Consider how home renovations could be revolutionized when you could see what those new cabinets would look like in your kitchen without having to pick up a hammer. The gaming industry is already embracing VR tech, and it certainly will not be the only industry that finds AR and VR to be a real game-changer. Let our team of experienced professionals at My Basic LLC brainstorm what VR could mean for you no matter what your business is. A single conversation could be the beginning of a successful new era for your business. Isn’t that worth a call?

If you think AR/VR is right for your business, or if you want more information please make sure to give us a call! We would love to hear from you!

Mallory Craig and the My Basic LLC Team

Virtual Reality…The Original Recipe to Success?

The secret is out, and businesses can’t resist this finger-licking good recipe to success. With Virtual Reality (VR) becoming increasingly affordable, companies are taking a new approach to the training process.

Training has always played a vital role within companies and organizations, whether it’s preparing chicken or providing excellent customer service. Without well-trained members, a buisness is sure to fail.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that companies are quickly adopting innovative technologies in hopes of improving the onboarding process.

One of those innovative technologies that is currently changing the way businesses think about training employees is Virtual Reality.

VR is a computer generated interactive environment that uses sounds, visuals, and other forms of sensory feedback to replicate a real-world environment.

Until recently, VR has remained mostly within academia and military organizations as a training tool, however, companies are quickly making the transition to this computer-generated world to better prepare workers for what they will face in the field.

Companies such as UPS, Walmart, and even the man himself Colonel Sanders, have all started using this technology to recruit, train, and retain employees. While preparing chicken and driving package delivery trucks hold little in common, each company has realized the indispensable value that VR training can bring.

At this point I’m sure you’re saying, okay, it works for them, but why does my business need it?

I’m glad you asked. These VR simulations allows employers to replicate any possible real-world situation, without the everyday risks or consequences that employees face on a daily basis. By reducing the risk to employees, companies can train their employees in a safe environment, where they can gain confidence in their skills, and address their problem areas.

If you’re not convinced yet, then maybe these statistics will help sway you.

According to the Learning Pyramid, most people retain 90% of what they learn when they put that knowledge into practice immediately. Those numbers significantly decrease as you work your way down the pyramid. For example, humans typically only retain 30% of what they learn through a demonstration, while they retain 20% of what they learn from audio and visual.

Unfortunately, reading is almost at the bottom of the pyramid, so hopefully I haven’t lost you by now. To keep it simple and clean, the advantage of VR is that employees are able to immediately put into practice what they’ve learned in a simulated environment.

It’s estimated that 95% of companies use some form of video-based learning, according to Brandon Hall Group. Until recently video-based learning was potentially the most engaging form of training available.

However, with VR headsets becoming increasingly affordable, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more and more companies are making the switch to this new innovative technology.

After all, VR provides an immersive experience, an experience that video-based learning is missing. This immersive experience can combat the disengagement that many workers experience when engaging in video-based learning. Besides, seeing your fellow associate Susan “accidentally” create a spill on aisle 10 can wear thin on anyone.

Luckily, MyBasicLLC can help you and Susan escape from the monotony of video-based learning. Here at MyBasicLLC we’ve been creating and supplying effective VR simulations since 2015, and don’t worry, your business won’t be virtually preparing chicken, unless that’s your goal.

Here at MyBasicLLC we understand your business is unique, and we pride ourselves in offering custom and unique solutions based on your needs. Whether you’re looking for medical, leadership, engineering, or any other form of training, MyBasicLLC has you covered, and will guarantee you the best results.

VR is the next evolution in the training process. Will you ignore this or adopt it?

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out other posts on how our services can help your business grow and succeed. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call.

-Adam and the MyBasic Team

Virtual Reality Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Virtual reality has become a major aspect of a business. It is used to secure clients, teach, and aid in healthcare treatment. VR offers users a real-life experience simply through technology, making their experience as real as ever. The technology has continued to advance recently, providing an even more real-life experience and developing to help even more industries. And, there are a few virtual reality trends coming soon to keep up with.VR girl on bike

Of course, virtual reality is still a fairly new technology and people are just now seeing the true benefits of it really take off.

So, it is something to watch out for and to incorporate into your business while it is still at the ground level. Dive into virtual reality today and stay one step ahead of your competitors!

But, aside from staying one step ahead, these are the virtual reality trends you should keep up with:


  1. It will continue to get more affordable. As more and more people incorporate this into their lives and businesses, the technology will continue to get more affordable – meaning it can be incorporated into even more aspects of life and business. If you want a great deal, reach out to us today and let our team of experts get you set up with all the VR technology you will need.
  2. Increased portability and visibility. Over time, experts predict that the headsets will only get smaller and more manageable, meaning it will continue to get easier to incorporate into your business. What you are only using at tradeshows right now, might turn into an everyday marketing aspect of your business.
  3. Sensory feedback. Right now, the VR experience is quite immersive, but it can only get better from here. Soon, users could experience the weight, force, and even temperature changes of their environment. Being able to completely immerse your customer in the experience they can expect will leave them begging for more!


Trust us, this is a technology you don’t want to miss out on! These virtual reality trends are on the rise. The possibilities it can offer not only your customers but your business is endless. Let us help you climb that mountain to success today. We will get you set up with VR and get you two steps ahead of the competition!

Is bad weather keeping you away from work and school? We have a virtual solution.

mybasicllc-vrOn days like today where it is dangerous to drive on snow ridden roads in Atlanta Virtual Reality makes the case to preserve and drive productivity in the work place. On the news it has been said in Marietta alone that there have been multiple accidents as people are braving the weather and trying to get to work.  When it comes to working it is common place to say if you don’t show up to work you don’t get paid so people are choosing to try to get to work, safety first. There is a new platform that empowers businesses to allow their employees to work from virtually anywhere. Our programmers can create office environments to look identical to businesses physical work space, all we need is an internet connection and a little hardware. The tools needed to help employees work together virtually can be created, tested, and tweaked as needed.

Driving to work

Traffic…. how much time is spent in traffic per year? If an unfortunate accident happens and employees are stuck in traffic it can affect business because a key person who may be needed is tied up in traffic. In a virtual world we no longer have to worry about lost time, employees can login to your virtual work space and help businesses continue to grow. Virtual Reality stands to give both employer and employees back valuable time spent driving to and from work, this will make the world a better place. Just imagine… road rage incidents will decrease because less people are on the roads during some of the most critical times of the day.

Collaboration and team cohesion will be better

Do you need virtual space to enable your team to interact virtually? We can make it happen. Do you want collaboration to happen in a virtual business office where you own the entire building? Or do you want a team building exercise to happen on a cruise ship that… you own? Now it has become possible for the a fraction of the cost of building a real cruise ship, it all depends on your imagination.Vr-is-a-solution-to-bad-weather

About your competition

Being an early adaptor when it comes to technology can make the difference between success and going out of business. If you think your competition is sitting on the sideline when it comes to new tech you’re in for a surprise. Have you heard about VR but don’t feel it is relevant to what you do? We encourage you to rethink that way of thinking. VR is not a gimmick but a valuable tool that will help businesses be future proof. VR can save businesses money in the long run and make businesses profitable. Want to know how? We’d love to stop by and share our perspective with you or do a demo for you.

VR will enhance education

The days are coming where students will be able to login from home and learn from virtual schools, this means no more missed days due to inclement weather. We look forward to building the infrastructure needed to make this reality possible. Want to enable students to go on field trips and save money in the process? Virtual Reality is a firm solution, it won’t take long for you to see.

VR and Healthcare: Where is this cutting-edge technology taking us?

Its possible by now, you have probably heard of some of the beneficial uses of virtual reality…

It is changing the way businesses market to their clients, the way gamers play their games and even the way some industries educate their employees. That’s right. Industries such as the healthcare industry have now discovered the value of incorporating virtual reality into their systems as well.

Virtual stimulation technology has come a long way, and it doesn’t appear to be coming to a halt anytime soon…

Integrating VR into healthcare

Combining visual stimulation with force-feedback technology is incredibly valuable to healthcare workers, such as surgeons. It offers practicing surgeons both the visual and the physical feedback they might feel when practicing a procedure. But, beyond just the realistic experience that it offers surgeons for practicing surgery, VR is also a much more cost-effective, engaging, and safe method. It is a useful tool in training and the clinical education of other healthcare professionals such as nurses and counselors.

VR provides a risk-free environment in which healthcare professionals can practice life-saving procedures. This is especially useful when practicing uncommon procedures. But, they still gain the experience of performing it in real life. Furthermore, VR can also be used in educating patients in the healthcare industry…

Why patients?

VR and patients

Well, sometimes it is hard for a doctor to get their point across. For example, when explaining that eating unhealthy can cause substantial weight gain. However, technology such as VR could allow a doctor to show a patient a digital version of what they might look like in ten years…

Or, it could help teach a patient how to overcome a fear such as a fear of heights. VR can give the patient the experience of whatever it is that causes them such great fear. But, in a much more comfortable environment. Then, the doctor or counselor know how to better help them overcome this fear.

VR is an advanced technology that when used as an education tool will help people understand a medical situation. Our team of experts can help get your business set up with all the VR items you will need. We will provide everything from the IT to the breakdown of how to use it. Give us a call today to get started.

How VR Is Transforming the Education System

It is no secret that educators are always looking for new and improved ways to better aid children in learning more effectively. And, virtual reality might just be the next best thing in the education system.

Thanks to VR, students can experience a high-impact learning experience and the opportunities for an improved education are now endless. From kindergarten to college, VR can provide more insight into various avenues of learning. It offers benefits such as increased learning and a higher retention rate.

Most often, children are educated simply through lectures and the occasional picture in their textbook…

So, how can VR transform education?

What if they could actually experience some of what they are learning first hand? For example, what if they could virtually visit the Great Wall of China and examine the world-renowned art in a museum that is halfway around the world.

Or, what if biology students could explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef first hand, right from their desk? There is so much more to be learned when a student has the opportunity to experience something up close and personal. They are better able to understand what they are learning as they can look at the little details and truly experience the art or organism for themselves.

Thanks to VR, students who might not have the opportunity to travel abroad otherwise might now have the opportunity to see what a different culture actually looks like. But, beyond just traveling to see interesting locations first-hand, VR also offers other benefits. It also promotes critical thinking and supports training experiences. VR can mimic a procedure such as those completed in science labs like chemistry and biology.

Typically, teachers try to do more interactive learning methods with students. When a student does it for themselves or sees something first-hand, they are better able to remember it. And, using VR, teachers could offer this experience to all students for just about every subject. The learning opportunities from VR that await your classroom are endless. Let our IT department act as an extension of your education system. We will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to transform the learning experience for your students. We cannot wait to relish in their success with you!