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Web Design Team Prepares To Relaunch Website Just In Time For Spring

It’s almost spring time and that means new web design! When it comes to your business you have to treat it like your home during the changing of the seasons, its time for spring cleaning! We’re excited like our clients are when their site goes live because we’re getting ready to relaunch out website. The website is going to continue in the much recommended tradition of being mobile friendly and search engine friendly. Some of the things we look to improve are user experience (UX), user interface (UI), text, font size, size of website… its gonna be good.

Many of the recommendations we tell prospective clients and our clients concerning web design we’re applying to our website. Having an SSL certificate is good business because anything sent through My Basic gets the encryption treatment, that’s not going anywhere. Just as we provide digital marketing services to our clients we’ll also be using it ourselves, what’s goal? Reach business owners and connect with them as only we can, provide good service, good customer support, rank, build our team, and be good stewards of our clients business.

Looking forward implementing cloudflare provided by, We’re excited about how things are picking up and look forward to building the team.

The relaunch date of website… the next couple of days Lord willing. #relaunch #atlanta #webdesign #enjoy #your #weekend.

Web Design Services Atlanta

Are you looking for an experienced atlanta web design services company located in Atlanta to help build your website? My Basic LLC would like to learn more about your project so we can come up with a web-design-atlanta-mybasic-llcplan to help. We have been in business for 10+ years and enjoy learning about the cool business ideas clients come up with.

When we learn about the business we adopt it as our own and our goal is to build your website with all the features you need to meet your goal. Our background in marketing can only add value and perspective when it comes to reaching your audience.

The Design of your website and functionality makes all the difference when it comes to creating a good user experience. In addition to that fact pricing and good customer service are ingredients for success. Ever heard of the term “out of sight, out of mind?” It is still relevant because once your website is built how is your audience going to find you on a internet filled with millions of websites?

Digital marketing is a proven method of helping people find you online. Word of mouth is also a nutrient in the equation and our goal is to leave no stone un-turned in terms of helping you reach your audience. Is your audience primarily on social media? We can reach em. Have they cut the cord with cable or are they remaining faithful? We can reach them, whether they’re at home or on their way to work we are confident we can help you reach them not just with technology but with a message that connects with them and is informative.

We’re an extension of your team and will work hard to help you get the results you need to grow and sustain your business.

If you’d like to call us for your complimentary consultation we can be reached at 404-477-4512. We’re a local atlanta web design company.