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Web Design Team Prepares To Relaunch Website Just In Time For Spring

It’s almost spring time and that means new web design! When it comes to your business you have to treat it like your home during the changing of the seasons, its time for spring cleaning! We’re excited like our clients are when their site goes live because we’re getting ready to relaunch out website. The website is going to continue in the much recommended tradition of being mobile friendly and search engine friendly. Some of the things we look to improve are user experience (UX), user interface (UI), text, font size, size of website… its gonna be good.

Many of the recommendations we tell prospective clients and our clients concerning web design we’re applying to our website. Having an SSL certificate is good business because anything sent through My Basic gets the encryption treatment, that’s not going anywhere. Just as we provide digital marketing services to our clients we’ll also be using it ourselves, what’s goal? Reach business owners and connect with them as only we can, provide good service, good customer support, rank, build our team, and be good stewards of our clients business.

Looking forward implementing cloudflare provided by, We’re excited about how things are picking up and look forward to building the team.

The relaunch date of website… the next couple of days Lord willing. #relaunch #atlanta #webdesign #enjoy #your #weekend.

How To See If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Thanks for stopping by to learn how you can see if your website is mobile friendly. Over time it has become more important to make sure your website is mobile friendly just ask Google or Bing. This feature influences whether your website shows up on the home page in search results for a keyword you’re needing to get ranked with or the 8th page. Below are some tools/links you can use to check if your website is mobile friendly.


Mobile Friendly Test (Click Here)


Mobile Friendliness Test Tool (Click Here)

With these two tools you can check if your website needs an update or you’re good to go and your website is mobile friendly. If you need any assistance with this or other needs send us a message below or give us a call: 404-477-4512

Your E-Commerce Story

As I was doing research for this article, trying to get an in-depth grasp on what makes an e-commerce site truly effective, I realized that creating a site is a lot like creating a story. I find this analogy compelling not just because it simplifies a concept that can be very technical and  heavy with marketing jargon, but also because it provides a holistic view of what you should be considering when you decide to create a site to sell your product.

Firstly, you must identify your audience (read: target market). It is estimated that this year alone there will be over one-hundred-ninety-million digital buyers in the United States. With e-commerce on the rise, it is a virtual guarantee that your target market is buying online. And as business trends head toward specialized niche-markets, businesses can be even more specific when it comes to tailoring their site to appeal to their potential buyers.


This means that when you create a site (or story) you should consider what message you want to convey. If you don’t have an explicit message you are sending, consider how you want your site to make your customers feel. Our professional design team knows that emotions are evoked through different colors, fonts, and features. If you want to sell your homemade jams and make your customers feel like they are buying from their own grandmothers, you will want a different aesthetic than if you are selling your jams as the newest innovation in organic preservatives. This means you need to consider what will appeal to your target audience, as well as what feels most true to you and your brand.

Another thing that our experienced e-commerce developers know is that you need an effortless transition from start to finish. For a writer this means that their story isn’t convoluted, or heavy handed as it goes from beginning, to middle, to end. For a website developer this means that your site guides customers along from homepage, to product, to cart and checkout with ease. Everyone has read a story or essay that needed some serious editing, and everyone has clicked on a website that left them so baffled that they exited out of the whole thing before they made their purchase. If your website isn’t intuitive to navigate you will lose precious clients. That is why at My Basic LLC our team puts in the extra effort upfront to ensure an easy-to-use design that saves your clients effort later.

One way to make things easier on your clients is by tapping into behavior patterns that they have already developed. This can mean something as simple as placing the “check out” button in the top right corner, because people instinctively look to the right to when they are ready to move on. Or it may mean backing off of the pop up messages because people get annoyed when you shove things in their face. The point is to remember not to recreate the wheel. Just as you expect to flip the pages of your book from right to left, (except for the manga enthusiasts out there) your customers expect your layout to function in a predictable fashion.

Finally, every story needs a happy ending, so let me finish by reminding you that you are not in this alone. Facilitating natural e-commerce growth requires a holistic approach that encompasses a lot of nuances that the average person never even considers. And that’s okay! Our team at My Basic LLC has spent the last eight years cultivating the type of insight and experience that makes producing effective sites second nature. Please give us a call because we would love to be part of your story!


–Mallory and the My Basic Team

Using Website Design to Capitalize in a Fast Paced World

The design of your company’s website plays a crucial part in whether your business will experience success.

According to a study conducted by Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses online, however, these favorable statistics do not guarantee that your website will be successful.

Imagine looking over an analysis of your website, while you may be overjoyed to find out that your website has attracted thousands of visitors and views, these statistics don’t necessarily reflect success, nor do they translate to business.


An aspect that’s typically overlooked when analyzing the success of a website is the bounce rate. Bounce rate is a technical term that refers to the percentage of users who visit your page without interacting with any clickable elements on your site or navigating to any other pages. A higher bounce rate translates to a loss of potential consumers.

The average time spent on a page is also a good metric to look at when judging the effectiveness of your website’s design. A typical user tends to spend 10-20 seconds on a web page according to Nielsen Norman Group. If your users fall within this 10-20 second range, then most likely your content isn’t getting read.

Fear not, MyBasicLLC is here to give you some helpful advice in order to help you reach your goals. We have over 8 years of experience in marketing on a global scale.

And while these statistics may be discouraging at first glance, there are certain methods you can use to increase the chances of your visitors converting into leads.

When designing your site, it’s important to consider how the typical user views and navigates websites. After conducting a study of eye tracking research, Nelsen Norman Group found that 80% of users focused on the left side of the page, while it’s assumed the remaining 20% focused on the left to find the vertical scroll bar.

Therefore, taking simple steps such as rearranging your content can have significant positive impacts on your website. Since the average user spends 10-20 seconds on a website, and the majority of that audience focuses on the left side of the page, your priority content and navigation should be place front and center.

It goes without saying that 10-20 seconds isn’t much time, however, users are quickly able to judge your site based on prior experience. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your design is simple, functional, and easily communicates its purpose.

If you are unsure of how to go about meeting these criteria, then take a look at mainstream websites. According to Jakob’s Law of Internet User Experience, users tend to rely on their prior experience when navigating websites. Part of the reason for this is users spend most of their time on other websites. Therefore, in order to prevent confusion and to capitalize on the short amount of time you’re given, your design should follow patterns that are used by other mainstream websites.

While a flashy website may set you apart from other businesses, an expectation has developed of how a website should operate and where the content should be placed. Following simple patterns that you can find on other websites can significantly increase your chances of reaching potential leads.

If all of this still seems overwhelming, then MyBasicLLC is here to help. While websites have advancements over the past decade, our team will help you get up to speed. Since we have a background in marketing, we’re confident that our services can help you create a design that speaks to your audience.

Our web design services include analyzing and gathering data, software architecture, software development, testing, maintenance, and web hosting.

We would be thrilled to work with you and help you captivate your audience.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out other posts on how our services can help your business grow, if you have any questions be sure to give us a call.


-Adam and the MyBasic Team

Web Design, why we’re a good fit for your project.

Our team thrives on being involved in the website design process from beginning to launch, we’re a local Atlanta web design company! The numerous DIY website programs can’t offer you our warm handshake, nor our personal, human touch when it comes to bringing your hopes and dreams to the screen. Our process begins with a conversation: on the phone, on chat, or in person. We strive to provide the flexibility to meet your needs. At this point in the process we identify the unique features that your website will require to flourish– including making it mobile friendly. Following this conversation we will meet with our team to prepare a number of viable options for bringing your site to life.

web design

Your individual site needs remain a top concern through the duration of the process. For example, if you need an e-commerce website capable of offering your returning customers a coupon code for a percentage off of their purchase, this will be taken into account through the development, design, testing and implementation of your website. This ensures that that coupon code will work for your customers the very first time. We aren’t in the business of using your customers as guinea pigs; we do all of our extensive testing prior to the launch of your website to maximize your customers’ experiences.

In the ever-shifting business of web design, we endeavor to stay on the cutting-edge of change and advancement in order to bring you the best possible service, because when it comes down to it, nothing brings us greater fulfillment than knowing we helped you bring your dream to fruition. Our own dream started locally in the metro of Atlanta, however our online presence allows us to work with clients from nearly anywhere, and we welcome that opportunity! Let us help you with your web design project, just as we have helped so many others in their entrepreneurship journeys.

And make sure you reach out with any questions or comments!

The My Basic LLC Team





Need Web Design or Website Redesign? We’d like to help

Hi Steward here with My Basic LLC. I hope your 2018 is off to a great start. We’re a marketing company located about 20 minutes from Downtown Atlanta. For this video we’re talking about one of the supportive services we provide which is web design. Do you need web design or your current website redesigned? We’d like to help. We’re creative, we try not to complicate things, we’re experienced, hardworking, local, and seek to meet your needs from the start. Why choose us?
Since 2008 we’ve had the privilege of helping people and enjoy the process. Give us a call today at 404-477-4512 or send us a message at We look forward to helping, talk to you soon.

Key Features of Web Design in E-commerce

So, you’ve decided to start a business. E-commerce is one of the most reasonable choices on your list. It provides you with the opportunity to operate from home, eliminating the need for a storefront. But, with several other competing e-commerce businesses out there, it is vital that you start with a high-quality web design and continue the maintenance of your website. You should always be updating it and improving it.







A few key features of web design you should focus on for your ecommerce business include:

  1. Choosing the right platformThe platform for your e-commerce business is like the foundation for a home. It is the beginning basis for the rest of your website. Things to consider when it comes to choosing the right platform are cost, required assistance, and ability to modify the code.

    How much do you want to be able to control?

  2. Integration with payment optionsNext, you need to consider the platforms integration ability with various payment options…

    It is kind of hard to make money if there is no way to get paid.

  3. Site securityIt is important both for the information of your business and for your client’s information to ensure that your website is secure.

    You are selling your product solely online. Therefore, it is vital that customers trust your site in order for them to be willing to put in their credit card information.

  4. Multiple design optionsConsider multiple design options to figure out which one works best for you.

    The overall design of your site should make your key points clear. It should demonstrate who you are and what you offer, should be easy to navigate, and should be pleasing to a customer’s eye.

    The website is the first thing a new customer sees, like the door of a storefront, so make it something that will draw them in and make them want to look at the rest of your products.


For all your e-commerce web design needs, give us a call today. Work with one of our industry experts and ensure your design is one to talk about!

Web design is a big part of the picture says marketing

Web Design is one of the many marketing tools we use to help position our clients to get to the top of the mountain and reach their customers, its essential really. There are a vast array of tools needed to reach clients as they’re local, scattered, and living life by the screens of their smartphones. Many people know but it’s always good to point out if you’re selling a product/service you need to try and position your product so it’s at the right place at the right time increasing the likelihood your audience will see the item and make a purchase.

Once your website is built you have to stop and think how your audience will find your business in the midst of millions of online websites.

The answer is a culmination of ideas and methods needed to help drive traffic to your website.

If you’re a new website we have to look at building credibility to your website. This is because there are thousands of websites going up daily that are used for a variety of reasons (good and bad) and search engines are selective and authoritative in choosing whether they want to rank your website via complex algorithms. Our goal is to help your website transcend the internet clutter and help you reach your intended audience. How do we do that? One way is optimizing your website with keywords that are responsive to your industry, keywords people are using to find your product/service. This goes in hand with understanding how your audience thinks, learning what methods they are using to find your product/service.

Another tool you could use as part of your marketing mix is an adwords campaign. We don’t advise if you’re a small business to heavily rely on Adwords but rather use it as a complimenting tools with your marketing campaign. If your competitor has a monthly budget of $10800 for adwords there other ways to compete especially if you’re a small business. Our goal is to help you effectively and efficiently market your business so you can be profitable and not go broke in the process.

Ok so you Google or Bing several keywords being used to find the services you offer but you don’t see your website come up on the first or second page in the search results, how do we change that? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. It’s not an overnight process and takes constant work, monitoring, and adjustment. It is comprised of several time consuming tasks needed to continuously get your results. Back linking, blog posts, social media, and several other marketing methodologies are needed to get your ranked and keep you ranked.

There’s so much involved when it comes to marketing your business and Web Design is one of many key component in the marketing mix of things. If you’re past that point I’d ask how is your advertising and public relations campaign going? Running a business is about being visible, being profitable, and connecting with community. Need help with marketing? We’re a call away.

Good Web Design Service is essential to success

Good Web Design Services will help you meet your businesses overall marketing objective. When you meet prospective customers  through your daily travels chances are you’ll talk briefly with them and exchange business card. When they have spare time and they need your services they’re likely to look at your website from they’re pc or smartphone. If you have not updated your website so that it’s mobile friendly you should consider MyBasic LLC to bring your website up to speed.

Whether you have recently started your business or you’ve been in business for a while your website is an important staple when it comes to business marketing. Next to securing your business license a professionally designed and optimized website is just as important if not more.

Your web design should be user friendly, responsive, and search engine friendly.

Your online marketing program should consist of a search engine optimization campaign that will keep you ranked on the first page for keywords consistently bringing in traffic for your service/product.

MyBasic LLC is an extended part of your team and we enable you to macro manage your business instead of tying up your valuable time worrying about backend work. We have been fortunate to help clients large and small across multiple industries. We have helped Military veterans as well as clients who have cycled through the SBDC, PCA, Goodwill, and SBA.

We have a good content development team if you need help with content creation for your website. Whether you’re need a website redesign or just starting out we’ll do a keyword analysis to help with adding keywords that people are using to find your products/services.

Content is always changing and if you haven’t updated your website in a while consider having us to update it for you. Keep in mind search engines copy (index) new content so it makes sense to continually add valuable information to your website. Not only do you want to let your audience know you have something to sell but you want to use your website as a resource and show them you’re an expert at what you do.

How long does it take your website to load? If it takes over 4 seconds we can help you reduce that load time so your audience can gain access to your website faster. We live in a fast paced society where people want what they want now and if your website takes too long to load they may just skip your website all together, we don’t want that.

It makes sense to partner with MyBasic LLC because we’ve been in the web design business since 2008 and as technology improves we improve and we help our clients improve.