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Why Choose My Basic LLC?

One reason why you should consider My Basic LLC is we’re passionate about what we do. The feeling we get when we’re able to work hard and position a client to succeed is invaluable. Imagine you’ve employed My Basic LLC to help out with your digital marketing or seo. You go to your favorite search engine and you show up in search results, your phones are ringing more as a result of our efforts and business is picking up… that’s what we’re passionate about. We want to see our clients succeed!!

We are passionate about web hosting in that we’ll save you some coins on your web hosting if you vow to put the savings in marketing your business, is that not a win/win? Call us… really. We’re located in Atlanta which means we’re local.

Another reason you should consider My Basic LLC is we value our relationships and we look to be involved long term in your businesses growth and success. We’re a creative team and we look forward to learning more about your project and developing a sound plan and move on that plan to help you grow. We are stewards of your marketing, call us.

Lets grow your business by five to ten percent in 2019!!

Ok in order for us to do that we need a plan. We need to carry out the plan, monitor the plan, adjust the plan. Whats your budget for next month? Next quarter? That’s got to be apart of the plan. We’re looking for clients who want to grow their business in 2019. Take the “Grow your business in 2019 challenge”. You can reach us at 404-477-4512

Essential steps to setting up your web hosting

Here are essential steps to setting up your web hosting as seen on

Step 1: find the right domain name

You will need a domain name. When thinking on a domain name it should match your business name. If that name is not available because someone else already owns it see if a different extension is available e.g. .net, .org, .co, .tv, etc. If the domain name is not available think on a keyword that is related to your industry and consider adding that to your domain name. A bit of wisdom to also consider is making sure the domain name is not long. If you’re having a conversation with someone and they ask whats your website is please don’t let it be long. If you give your business card (which mybasicllc can help design and print) and its long on the business card they may not want to type in a long name. You can get your domain name at

(Start Here)  Boppeshoppe is owned by Steward Clinton founder of Stewhosting. At this point it is apart of the plan to continue promoting domain names at boppeshoppe until we are in a better position to become an independent domain registrar.











Step 2: privacy protection or no privacy protection

Once you find the domain name that is suitable continue with the process. You’ll be asked if you want to make your domain name private (Privacy Protection) which we recommend because if it is public people will contact you to try and sell you additional services. It will cost to protect your information but some people don’t mind and click on “no thanks”. Continue to cart going through the process until you’re brought to the next page where you will create your new account.
















Step 3: Create your profile on boppeshoppe

In this next step you click on create account if you do not have one already, you will add your email address, create a unique user name and password, be sure to write them down and store them in a safe place of your choosing. You will also need to create a 4 digit user pin which customer service will need to access your account in the event you call them.

















Step 4: Setting up your web hosting with

Next you will need to choose your web hosting plan at We have 3 starting plans under shared hosting to give you the best good options to choose from. If you want better storage choose our vps plans here (VPS Web Hosting), with these plans you get premium service and support. The plan we recommend if you need web hosting, an ssl certificate and business email is the business plus plan at $16.97 a month. If you purchase each service independently you’re likely to pay more per month or per year. We created this plan with with a focus enabling businesses to put the savings toward marketing their business, we want to see you win. When you win we win, that’s the business culture we promote.
















Step 5: link domain name to web hosting plan

You will see where it says “choose a domain” which means use the domain name you have purchased from boppeshoppe in this section to link the domain name to the web hosting.


Step 6: Configure

Once you’ve added the web hosting plan that best fits your need you can then check out. At that point you can pay monthly or pay yearly at which you will receive a discount or every two years and receive an even better discount.













Step 7: Review & Checkout

From here you will make sure you’ve selected the decided on web hosting plan and check out. Note that if you choose to pay for a year or above you will save some on your final cost. Next click checkout. Next add your information and choose whether you want to pay with paypal or stripe. Here you can choose to pay with credit card or debit card.












Step 8: Receipt and Its time for your web designer to build your website

Once you’ve made your payment you will receive a receipt at the email you used to create the account. Be sure to check your spam. If you have a web developer he or she will need your login credentials to gain access to your web hosting account. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and we’d be more than happy to help you by answering any questions you may have. We wish you much success in 2019.

Stewhosting helps businesses in two ways

Stewhosting helps business save money to redirect into advertising their business. We are mindful that you have to reach your audience consistently and this is the key motive in helping business leverage time with my basic llcsave money. If your audience can see you chances are they are not thinking about you. If your competition is advertising but you are not your odds of success decrease. This is how, lets use reliable heating and air who invests a lot into advertising. They are on tv, they use billboards, and digital marketing. I remember them because I see their billboards, vehicles, and commercials. They get that they need to advertise and it must be paying off. This is why I say that, advertising will always cost.

When I save you money on your web hosting though it may be dollars those are dollars you can use to advertise your business. Why do we advertise? To position our business in front of our audience so when they need our service they can call us and we can help them. That’s your answer right?

The second way stewhosting helps is we have a background in marketing, we’re apart of your team for the long haul. We want to see you succeed, we want to see you grow. If you vow to take your savings from stewhosting and invest in marketing/advertising your business we will do our best to figure out a way to help you. Do you have experience with digital marketing? Our team does and maybe we can help you market your business that way as well. Do you have the time to invest in figuring out how to setup ads, monitor those ads, and still grow your business? If not we believe we can add value to this relationship as well. If you’d like to talk further please give us a call. 404-477-4512

Web Hosting, Business Email, SSL Certificate Bundle

Taken from

Have you ever wanted to get web hosting, a SSL certificate, and a business email account all for $16:97 a month? At you can do just that. It makes sense for us to bundle these web designthree services and help customers save money. Let’s imagine for a brief moment you went with one of the top web hosts in the industry and you sign up for the business email. You pay a promo price of $6.99 per month and $14.99 after the promotional is over. The final cost will be $83.33 under the promotional bracket and $179.88 not including tax. When you look at the SSL certificate which is paid on a yearly basis a promo rate could be $59.99 for the bottom tier plan of one domain name. After that promotional is over it could bump up to $74.99.

Their web hosting promotion for their ultimate plan is $7.99 per month which turns out to be $95.88 per year and $16.99 per month $203.88 regular price. They also have a free ssl included in that package and other common features like unlimited databases. The total for all their promotional services mentioned is: $239.2

The total for their regular price is:  $458.75

At My Basic LLC you get all three services bundled at a price of: $203.64

My question to you is do you like saving money?

If you answered yes please reach out to us today. We’d like to help.

A good day for marketing, from nothing to something

Good morning, we’re at the helm looking to grow the business from nothing to something. It is compelling how that happens via bank loans or angel investors but what about the small businesses who have to go the route less traveled? That’s the life of small business, dealing with the everyday struggles to make an impact in a huge industry where the big boys have millions (60M) to burn in marketing and we’re in the hundreds… lol. Well that’s no reason for us to quit right? I mean things are more meaningful for small business, our customers are not just numbers. Today we’ll be working on our marketing campaign. S.W.O.T., strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats oh yes. We all have them and now it’s writing them out and looking at how to addresses each one.

Where impossible happensbehind-the-scenes-like-a-web-host

Why web hosting, we got into web hosting after being in the business as a reseller for 8 years with the top web host. We’ve watched over time and learned the ins and outs of web hosting and feel we have something to offer that others dont have and that’s our time, experience, and expertise. At the end of the day we understand you just want the service to work, no excuses. We’re on it. We like to be apart of the team, behind the scenes making sure your website is online.

(Read the full article here) Is Coming 2018

stew-hosting-7In a world where a strong online presence is becoming more and more important for businesses and professionals to succeed, StewHosting steps forward as a fresh option for web hosting.  StewHosting is a new web hosting service that claims to be a choice that is dedicated to helping businesses and passionate about assisting website owners meet their goals.

StewHosting is stepping out from the competition by offering not only affordable pricing, but also a wide range of advantages.

Here is a list of some of StewHosting’s most valuable web hosting features bonuses:

-Faster Loading Time.

StewHosting offers SSD (Solid State Drive) Raid 10 Storage.  This means that websites using StewHosting will load faster and more efficiently than those built using the Sata Drives provided by other hosting services.  StewHosting also offers LiteSpeed Web Server – a program that is nine times faster than those used by popular services like GoDaddy and HostGator.  Faster load time may not seem important, but research has shown that it makes a huge difference in the satisfaction of website viewers.

-Important Plugins.

With StewHosting, websites using the Litespeed webserver can opt for the highest performing plugin “LiteSpeed WordPress Caching”.  These plugins do important work such as utilizing tags, storing data, and implementing cookies.  While all of this may sound really complicated, the plugins offered by StewHosting make it simple for anyone!

-Performance Enhancement Tools.

StewHosting implements Maria DB, a performance enhancement tool created by the makers of MYSQL.

-Free Extras with Large Packages.

StewHosting offers important extras such as Cloudflare with Railgun completely free with a corporate package, saving your business as much as $200 a month.  Corporate packages also receive free and auto SSL rather than paying around $100 a month for the same services.  With these free extras, you can choose a package that is right for you and enjoy the benefits that can help your website succeed.

-Regular Data Backup.

StewHosting is serious about keeping their web hosting safe and secure, and promises to backup all servers on a nightly basis.  With regular backup, customers can rest assured that their data will remain safe and their websites will constantly be available for the public to enjoy.

-Point and Click Restore.

Designing and maintaining a website involves a lot of trial and error, even for the most dedicated web builder.  With StewHosting’s point and click restore, any information that is accidentally deleted can be restored.

-Dedicated Customer Service.

StewHosting promises to work extra hard for their customers.  With top-notch customer services, StewHosting provides answers to questions and assistance with website hosting.

-Competitive Pricing.

StewHosting seeks to provide their customers with the web hosting packages that serve them best with the lowest prices available.  By using StewHosting, customers can expect pricing that matches or beats other web hosting companies along with a wider variety of extras.

As StewHosting makes its debut we are excited to discover how it will impact the world of web hosting and change the way that competitors offer their customers services. The website is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018 around Jaunary/February.

To find out more about StewHosting and how it can help your business succeed online, visit

My Basic LLC is a marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 10 years of experience. We see businesses can benefit from an independent perspective because it can add value to their goal of succeeding in their respective industry.

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