Communicating In Business Is Important, It’s How You Reach Your Audience

Communication is a vital tool needed every day to sustain and grow your business on so many levels. Advertising on TV, radio, print, and billboards are common tools used to communicate with audiences on a large scale. The landscape continues to change for businesses and reaching people through their mobile devices is a fairly new medium. People today are making more and more purchases through their mobile devices and it only makes sense to position your business to participate in that medium. How do you do that? SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a service needed to position your website online so your specific audience that’s looking for your service/product can find you. Can we help with SEO? Yes

If you’re starting a business, building a website is key tool needed for you to communicate with your online audience. Just yesterday I had a yellow pages book dropped off at my residence by I thought “Why do I need this when I do all my searches online?” I understand the books are a part of’s marketing strategy and more than likely they reach people who don’t use the internet much but I feel the internet is clearly the dominant way billions of people find what they’re looking for. MyBasic LLC could save millions and boost revenue but we first must communicate.

If you visit our website and you’ve read everything on here will you come back if you see we aren’t adding anything new? Now imagine that same thing for your company/agencies website. That has to change, If you need help in that area let’s talk.

Have you ever wondered how to get your website in front of your online audience to communicate to them you have a service/product available to them for purchase? Search Engine Optimization is the answer. It’s a vital service needed to increase traffic to your website, not just any traffic though. I mean you don’t want just anybody visiting your website correct? You need someone looking for your specific service/product. If you’re a roof repair in Lawrenceville Ga you want to reach people locally who need your service not people 1000 miles away unless your business has multiple locations. If you’re a resident in need of roof repair chances are you’ll go online and type roof repair and choose from the results that come up on the first page. It’s rare to click onto the second, third, and fourth page in search results.

A video commercial is a tool used to communicate with your audience on a massive scale. Do you have customers asking you the same question but you’re tired of having to repeat yourself? Try shooting a video that answers the most frequently asked questions involving your business and let us post it on your website. MyBasic LLC isn’t here to just sell you a one size fits all marketing package because all business aren’t the same. Some businesses are just starting and don’t have the start-up capital of other businesses (it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it will make you work all the more harder), we understand that. Some businesses start with angel investors and bank loans, we understand that as well.
It is in MyBasic LLC culture to steer its clients in the right direction. We’re not going to tell a client to advertise on TV when they clearly aren’t ready. In order for us to find out where you are we have a conversation to identify where you are, what you have done, and see the kind of results your marketing efforts have garnered. We also must know your goals and visions.

At that point we can come up with a plan that helps you elevate your business. That plan may include one or all of the tools mentioned in this post to help you market your business. might include a Search Engine Optimization plan to help a client drive in the traffic online that you’re looking for. Not all SEO packages are the same, plans will differ for a variety of reasons. Budget is one of the reasons as is client goals and expectations. The way business B wins clients may be different how business C get clients. Your business may be at the point where it needs to Advertise on TV, Billboards, Print, and radio to match the marketing goals you have in mind. Your business may need SEO, either way it’s important to communicate with audience and harness the tools available to accomplish your goals. Let’s have a conversation today about your business, give us a call.

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