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content-is-king-my-basicllcThere are many elements that go in to successful search engine optimization. The one component that prevails over all else, however, is content. When it comes to a successful SEO campaign, content will always be king.

Why is Content “King” to the SEO Company?

Content Quality Provides Value to Website Visitors

Content is what hooks website readers in to a site and keeps them coming back. Content of real value that offers something unique and relevant to website visitors also gives credence to a site in the eyes of search engine robots. Why? Because more website visitors let search engines know that a website is a worthy resource of information. Therefore, it is so important for search engine optimization companies to focus on content as well as design. A pretty design means nothing if it doesn’t contain useful and relevant information that will keep readers coming back!

Content Contains Keywords

Quality content that targets relevant keywords is the key behind successful SEO marketing. Strategic keyword placement not only tells website visitors what a business is about, but it also tells search engine robots what a website is about. It is important, however, for a company seeking SEO services to hire a professional who is familiar with keyword ratios to avoid keyword spamming.

While keywords are an important aspect of content optimization, too many keywords can portray a website as being “spammy” or designed solely for profit rather than informational purposes. For example, while searching for “automotive reviews”, a website that provides readable and quality content is going to be much preferred by a reader over a website that simply restates the keyword set repeatedly while providing little quality information. Search engines are aware of this fact and will favor the website that offers higher quality information.

Alternatively, an SEO “professional” who is unaware of how to optimize content for keywords could very easily target the wrong keywords which will have little to no impact on a website’s success. For example, a website designed to sell baking supplies may reference the word “hobby” more than other, more relevant, keywords. Certainly, being ranked in a search engine for “hobby” may be beneficial, but it would be more beneficial for that website to be ranked for “cake baking”.

Content is Dynamic

Any SEO company worth their salt knows that fresh content is crucial to the success of any website. New content provides a reason for website visitors to return, but it also provides more content for search engines to crawl through and rank.  More content also means more opportunity to introduce relevant keywords which SEO marketing relies on to continually expand the reach of a site!

Is Content Everything?

Any SEO company that tells you that content is everything is not one that you want providing your SEO services. Why? Because while content is king, like any court system, a website has other members of “royalty” who are needed for the whole system to function fluidly. For example, a website that offers premium content (the king), but does so with a design (the queen) that represents a blatant advertisement, is going to underperform. Instead, to function optimally, a website should incorporate the “whole family” which is comprised of strong content, a strong design, up to date technology, the use of security and monitoring tools, and performance optimizing techniques.


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