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goal of succeeding in their respective industry.
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Ultimate Goal

Digital marketing at My Basic LLC is custom for each client we work with because though all companies have the ultimate goal of being profitable each company will have a unique footprint needed to accomplish that goal continually and long term.
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Marketing Plan

Do you want to engage more with potential customers? Since you’re in business we’re going to assume the answer is yes and deploying a sound marketing plan is going to help with that process. Below are several methods we use to help our clients accomplish this goal. We would like to point out adding a combination of all if not the majority below is going to help you reach and connect with your audience.

Digital Marketing


If you didn’t know SEO is short for search engine optimization and involves websites coming up in search Digital Marketingresults organically.
When we say organic we mean coming up in search results without “ad” notated somewhere below the particular result. With so many local, regional, national, and international companies jockeying for keywords we see seo alone can be an uphill battle but our attitude with getting our clients ranked is strategize, recon what the competition is doing, adapt, and never quit. With time we can help our clients get ranked, this involves backlink strategies that connect us with websites that are directly or indirectly connected to the specific industry. This is a process but done right can yield the results you’re looking for. Prices start at $350 a month and you will be assigned a project manager for the duration of the project.
Life is a challenge, getting you ranked with high traffic keywords are a challenge and that’s what we’re all about… overcoming the challenge. We going to work hard and build momentum and then boom, you’re right where you want to be #ranked. In addition to back linking our SEO efforts involve content development. If you need help creating content regularly our team of talented writers would like to help. We can develop content that reflect your expertise and experience whether its in a 300 or 2,000+ word post.


Search Engine Marketing is like passing go and collecting 200 in monopoly. What we mean is rather than waiting to get ranked with a keyword or set of keywords which can take 90 + days or more depending on how hot the keyword is we create an ad campaign that aims to put you ahead of the pack from day one. What about someone who has come to your website and hasn’t followed through with one of your calls to action? We can run a re-marketing campaign specifically focused on that group of people. Prices start at $550 a month and a project manager is assigned to work with client and team for duration of project.
We can create a variety of campaigns with a variety of goals and can track those goals with analytics, training of employees, and research. Part of our process will involve leading the audience looking for your service/product to a landing page that has specific information their looking for with a specific call to action you desire. If you have an online store we can cater the campaign a new item you’re looking to promote, the possibilities are limitless. That may involve filling out a form or making a call, Each campaign is customer tailored to your short term and long term goals. Whether need a marketing campaign or Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram we can help you reach and connect with your audience. If you want to compete successfully online you need SEM in your life. Let’s talk about it today, call us.


Are you looking for a better way to manage your social media efforts and build your brand? Our team is ready to social-media-management-mybasic-llclearn where you are and come up with a plan that helps leverage your time and build your brand. Whether you have someone inquiring on your LinkedIn or Facebook page we can manage your social media needs. We’re not just here to manage but represent you the way we would want to be represented. Social media management starts at $80 an hour and comes with a project manager for duration of project.
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Are you looking for a way to reach a large amount of people with the click of a button? Consider launching an email marketing campaign. Building a database of contacts the way we recommend takes time because part of the process is building your brand organically. Let’s say we create “Sign up for our newsletter” popup on your website. That is a way to build your email database which will be used to send out an email marketing campaign on a monthly/quarterly basis.
One in particular idea we think is important when it comes to email marketing is gaining permission from a recipient to add them to your newsletter list unless you don’t care and just want to spam them. Either way let’s say you go to a networking event and you give a business card to someone you met but you didn’t say the person could add you to their weekly newsletter campaign. Chances are if you start receiving emails from them you’ll unsubscribe and they won’t have the chance to reach out again.
In the world of spam we think it is proper etiquette to ask a potential recipient if they’d be ok with us signing them up to receive a newsletter. Give them the option to say “yes” or “no”.
Whether you want us to manage your email marketing campaign or you want to be hands on we have a solution that fits your needs. Email marketing campaigns start at $9.99 for 500 customers, that’s a more customer friendly price than top email marketing companies. To manage campaign price start at $250 a month.


Content Development is important when it comes to directing the narrative of your business online. Search engines index (copy) your content and it is important to be linked with keywords being used to find your service or product. Not only that but providing content that helps your audience understand why they need or should want your services is key.
Adding content about your services is a continual process, its how you show you’re an expert in your industry. It is also a reason websites in your industry may link back to your website because you’re the expert. Don’t have time to continually add content that can help you get ranked with keywords that are hot in your industry? We’d like to help.


In the age of Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook it is wise to invest in video services to help your digital marketing campaign. Whether you’re wanting to shoot a video at the office or at a local event our video services can help you continually reach and connect with your audience. From shooting to editing and uploading we can help you build your video content and gain relevant viewers looking for your service. The end game for our services is helping you do business and do it well. We strive to be good stewards of business because when you do well we do well and we want to do well. Video starts at $900 and comes with a project manager that will help out for duration of project.

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