Don’t Have Time To Manage Your Blog And Social Media Channels? MyBasic LLC Has The Time And Management Capability

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When Blogging and social media came on the scene it created more work for you to have to do, as if your life isn’t busy enough. Now you have to write a post, proof the post, be creative, add pictures, add videos, make sure its SEO ready, and the list goes on lol. MyBasic LLC’s goal is to absorb those responsibilities and give you your valuable time back.  When you’re dealing with your social media channels and blog that’s lost time unless you’re a hands on kind of person and want to do it all yourself.

We sit down with you and device a course of action that works with your budget and goals. Our goal is to help mold a positive perception of your brand and bring life to your social media channels. If people interact with your posts and get no response that could be a potential problem. Our team will work with you on campaign responses designed to build your brand. We’re your autopilot without being autopilot, why? Because people like interaction, its the human experience. Whether your audience is in the thousands or hundreds of thousands we can develop a scale-able campaign to address your social media needs.

Our content creators are creative and professional at blogging. We love research and believe it’s a great tool for developing content that is informative, creative, and to the point. Our blogging campaigns are designed to inspire people to continually visit and learn from your website making you the expert. We also keep search engine optimization in mind when blogging because we want you to rank and we don’t want to mindlessly write posts that have keywords that aren’t bringing in any traffic. One of our many goals is to create a favorable environment that inspires your audience to do business with you. Our content creation efforts also help you get ranked with keywords (seo), the more we write about it the more likely we’ll come up in search results for keywords we use. We can’t guarantee they’ll buy because there are so many other factors involved concerning your audience making a purchase but we will create the environment.

Part of our services include providing you with valuable feedback via analtyics to show you what people are reading on your blog and what social media posts are receiving the best responses. This can help you fine tune your marketing efforts and grow your brand. In closing we’re apart of your extended team and want nothing more than your success, why? We like to be apart of a winning team.

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