Here’s A Thoughtful Search Engine Optimization Definition

Search Engine Optimization can align your website with your your audience with pinpoint precision. Look at your website as a needle in a hay stack, a global haystack of websites that serve a variety of purposes. Search Engine Optimization makes it simple for your audience to find your website through keywords being used in your industry to find your product/service. Search engine optimization companies make it easy so users type in a keyword and your website pops up at the top in search results. You may not know it but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Nine times out of ten people probably don’t wonder how you got in their search results, all they know is they see your website and they want to find out if you can meet their need.

Lets compare successful seo to training the Blue Angels go through. Crowds come from afar to be entertained and see the Blue Angels perform their epic flight demonstration. What many spectators may not realize is that a lot goes on behind the scenes to make certain the Blue Angles performance is as flawless as possible.  Pilots complete 120 practice flights before their first public show. The Blue Angles success takes a team effort and involves their flight crew making 100% sure the six F-18 hornets are at their full potential come show time. The process is no different when compared to Search Engine Optimization. With teamwork, analysis, work, and adjustment you can achieve sky high success.

The process of getting your website ranked with multiple search engines takes strategy and constant work. If done correctly search engine optimization can yield huge gains in website traffic and revenue earnings. SEO is a powerful component and should be used in your marketing mix. Can seo help you achieve success? Yes. These are some factors needed for success: wisdom, knowledge time, energy, and money.

In a previous post we said search engine optimization is like a laser guided bomb. We used this analogy because successful SEO involves pinpoint accuracy and can yield pinpoint results. You may be one website amongst millions but seo will get your website found by your audience. We also said advertising on TV is like carpet bombing a target. Both are tools in your marketing and advertising arsenal designed to help you succeed.

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