With almost 4.48 billion active internet users as of October 2019, encompassing 58 percent of the global population, web presence has become increasingly more important than ever for businesses of all sizes. And a web presence goes far beyond just setting up a web address and a landing page. Your web presence incorporates a blog on your website, social media, business directories and review sites – your entire digital profile.

Solid Google My Business card.

When you search for a business on Google and on the right side of the screen, a little box pops with information about the business, images and reviews – this is a Google My Business card. Think of your Google My Business card as a physical business card. It gives a customer or potential customer your business name, hours and contact information. Oftentimes, this is the first thing people see when searching for you and what they will rely on as it saves them time since it is readily accessible. To enhance your web presence, ensure you claim this card and keep it up-to-date. This will also help improve your search engine optimization.google-my-business-page-my-basic-llc

A well thought out strategy.

Success starts with a strategy. Every move you make online should be strategic. First, determine your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Who are your current clients? What kind of clients would you like to gain in the future? Second, determine your goals. Are you looking to increase your visibility, to drive more inbound leads, or to convert more customers? Then, you can start outlining your tactics based on your audience and your goals. For each tactic, be sure to consider your platform – not only is it important to remember this is on the web but to remember what platform your information is being seen on.

Relevant content.

Creating content can be difficult, especially in an age where readers merely skim the page and they are only doing so very briskly. When developing your web strategy, a subsection within that should be developing a content marketing strategy. Because optimization tactics are constantly changing and search engine bots are constantly crawling, it is important to update your content regularly. Keep it user-friendly – use headers, appropriately, bullet points, lists and short paragraphs.

Ongoing optimization.

When we talk optimization, we are talking about SEO – search engine optimization. Having relevant content is already part of an optimization strategy, but don’t stop there. In developing a great web presence, you want to ensure that your relevant content is also optimized with the keywords and phrases that your audience will be using to find you. When developing your content, you want to build around these, finding ways to naturally incorporate them.

Review, review, review.

Always have another set of eyes on your end product – always have multiple sets of eyes on the end product. It is important to ensure that your web presence is user-friendly, cohesive, easily digestible and intriguing. While you might think you have considered all of these aspects, it is really all about the perception of others. Your web presence is something that will constantly evolve, and something you should constantly be thinking about. Let our team help you outline ways to improve your web presence, and help you execute these valuable ideas. #mybasicllc

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