Is bad weather keeping you away from work and school? We have a virtual solution.

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mybasicllc-vrOn days like today where it is dangerous to drive on snow ridden roads in Atlanta Virtual Reality makes the case to preserve and drive productivity in the work place. On the news it has been said in Marietta alone that there have been multiple accidents as people are braving the weather and trying to get to work.  When it comes to working it is common place to say if you don’t show up to work you don’t get paid so people are choosing to try to get to work, safety first. There is a new platform that empowers businesses to allow their employees to work from virtually anywhere. Our programmers can create office environments to look identical to businesses physical work space, all we need is an internet connection and a little hardware. The tools needed to help employees work together virtually can be created, tested, and tweaked as needed.

Driving to work

Traffic…. how much time is spent in traffic per year? If an unfortunate accident happens and employees are stuck in traffic it can affect business because a key person who may be needed is tied up in traffic. In a virtual world we no longer have to worry about lost time, employees can login to your virtual work space and help businesses continue to grow. Virtual Reality stands to give both employer and employees back valuable time spent driving to and from work, this will make the world a better place. Just imagine… road rage incidents will decrease because less people are on the roads during some of the most critical times of the day.

Collaboration and team cohesion will be better

Do you need virtual space to enable your team to interact virtually? We can make it happen. Do you want collaboration to happen in a virtual business office where you own the entire building? Or do you want a team building exercise to happen on a cruise ship that… you own? Now it has become possible for the a fraction of the cost of building a real cruise ship, it all depends on your imagination.Vr-is-a-solution-to-bad-weather

About your competition

Being an early adaptor when it comes to technology can make the difference between success and going out of business. If you think your competition is sitting on the sideline when it comes to new tech you’re in for a surprise. Have you heard about VR but don’t feel it is relevant to what you do? We encourage you to rethink that way of thinking. VR is not a gimmick but a valuable tool that will help businesses be future proof. VR can save businesses money in the long run and make businesses profitable. Want to know how? We’d love to stop by and share our perspective with you or do a demo for you.

VR will enhance education

The days are coming where students will be able to login from home and learn from virtual schools, this means no more missed days due to inclement weather. We look forward to building the infrastructure needed to make this reality possible. Want to enable students to go on field trips and save money in the process? Virtual Reality is a firm solution, it won’t take long for you to see.

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