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I’m Steward with my basic LLC thanks for taking a moment of your time to stop by and watch this video. Today we’re going to ask a question have you ever thought about animating your logo for some of your video, uhh there’s an animation where you can actually put your logo in an environment and then there’s also animating the logo itself. So one of the benefits of animating your logo is it takes it from being static to actually visual, so let’s say you have an intro or an outro you can actually animate the entire logo so as you should see in the intro for my video that kind of Animation is moreso a visual effect where is the animation I’m talking about I’m going to show you right here…  so that’s where we actually animate your logo and that I think as more character to your logo it brings it to life and it’s pretty awesome so if you are thinking about animating your logo it would be awesome to talk with you and learn more about what you’d like to do so I’m Steward with my basic LLC thanks for taking a moment of your time to check out this video and I will talk to you soon take care.

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