Marketing as easy as 1, 2, 3

If Marketing was as easy as three numbers all businesses would be successful. Marketing to an ever changing demographic can often be complex and expensive. Audiences are so segmented that it is often imperative to launch a full scale marketing campaign, this will also involve research.

Another little talked about ingredient to marketing success is timing. Ever try to launch a Christmas campaign in the middle of summer? Many businesses often advertise during the Thanksgiving Holiday to get audiences everywhere ready for the shopping season.

Ever wonder why Video Game Publishers like EA spend millions of dollars to advertise months in advance of a game release? They’re sowing seeds with the goal of tapping their audience base to inform them of new title, pre-order, and reach out to potential buyers.

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns aren’t a once size fits all for all the right reasons. Some businesses don’t need a huge marketing mix to champion success where as others that are on a global scale will easily spend tens to hundreds of millions to help their audience become aware of their product.

Our goal at MyBasic LLC is to meet with clients, determine their marketing needs, and come up with the best solution. These solutions are budget based so it’s important to have one both for each quarter and a yearly budget.

If you’re a small business how do you become a big business? You look for continuous ways to grow your business and opportunities to place your product/service. Can you do this without investing time and money? It’s possible but it’s also possible to play the Georgia Lottery and win right?

Whether you’re a for profit corporation, non-profit organization, University, Local or Federal government marketing is an integral part of your growth, longevity, and brand.  Marketing is often used to generate revenue and can also be used to mold public persecution. Look at Coke, many times their commercials are trying to hard sell customers because their brand is a house hold name. Often times their approach looks to be just branding, whether it’s through a creative commercial, a seasonal campaign, or a cause they care about. Simple put it’s about helping people remember their brand. Have an epic week. If you’re ever in Mid Town Atlanta, it would be awesome for you to stop by aw we have a chat about your businesses marketing needs, give us a call and lets set up an appointment.  Steward

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