NBA MVP Kevin Durant inspires businesses with four key attributes

If you’re a new or already existing business and you’re looking for inspiration consider Kevin Durant, the NBA’s 2014 Most Valuable Player (MVP). It takes hard work to become an MVP in any industry. The similarities between the business world and Kevin Durant can easily be seen when you start a business. Many businesses around the world have humble beginnings. Some people won’t be able to secure the capital needed from a bank to start a business. Many people don’t have angel investors needed to launch their business but they have passion and find a way, many times that’s all it takes. Below are four attributes derived from Kevin Durant’s 2014 MVP speech and from his overall character.

1. Team work– During KD’s speech he lifted his team mates up and credited many of them with his success winning the Kia MVP award presented in Oklahoma. There’s not one business today that has achieved substantial growth comprised by just one person. If you are a one man band in business you’re limited in what you can do. Can one person alone handle making the product, marketing the product/service, building the website, working the seo, creating marketing materials, advertising the product and being profitable? In truth it’s not worth the head ache. Teamwork is an essential ingredient to success in both the NBA and business, games are won by teams. To achieve substantial success teamwork must happen across the board. One must delegate and work with team mates, whether they’re employees, contractors, or other businesses.

2. Passion– Kevin mentioned in his speech he didn’t think he’d be playing in the NBA or ever be an MVP in the NBA, all he wanted to do was be a rec coach he liked basketball so much. As a result of his passion for the game he positioned himself to be as close to basketball as possible, and he thanked his MVP mother Ms. Pratt. He plays with passion and that makes playing basketball fun, it helps him improve his game and it has helped him achieve MVP status in 2014. This same passion that Kevin Durant harnesses is inside many of you reading this, the passion to succeed, meet a client’s need, and fill a void that makes life easier for people. Your passion will drive you to accomplish things many see as impossible or a waste of time. Actors, Entrepreneurs, and people who take risks do what they do because of an underlying passion.

3. Strive for greatness– “There’s never a point when you can’t stop getting better” said Kevin while at the podium and this applies to businesses (people) everywhere. Technology has a way of changing things, the way we do business today is not the way it was done 15 years ago. The internet as we know it was still in its infancy and social media hadn’t been conjured up yet. Change happens because people want better. Kevin understands that even when you’ve reached a certain milestone in life you can still learn something new and better yourself. This applies to businesses if you want to grow and sustain your enterprise. When you better yourself it benefits everyone including your clients.

4. Support System KD also stated that “When you have people behind you, you can do whatever and this is true. There’s nothing like having that support system in place to keep pushing you toward achieving your goals. In the business world it is the same. You need people in your corner rooting for you.

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