Need A Marketing Tune Up? Here’s How To Tell If You Need One

A Marketing tune up may be in order for your business if:

A. You’re not meeting your monthly revenue and customer goals

B. Your phones aren’t ringing

C. Traffic to your website is minimal

D. Traffic is coming to your website but aren’t being converted into sales

E. You perform market research and find out no one knows about your business

Successfully running your business involves developing and deploying a marketing campaign. Your campaign will depend on your budget, money you’ve set aside specifically to get the word out about your business. Whether you’re bank financed, self financed, family and friend financed, or a combination you must have some kind of system in place to market your business. Remember marketing is an associated cost, we hope you’re also looking at the potential benefits. Yes there are associated risks but in order to succeed you must step into the unknown in faith.

A marketing campaigns that starts with word of mouth is good. In addition to this marketing method consider Internet Marketing and advertising. An internet marketing campaign can consist of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), pay per click ads for keywords, and online video. Other pillars of Advertising include TV,radio, print, and billboards. Believe it or not marketing campaigns can be catered to your businesses individual marketing budget. Sure some of your competitors command multi-million dollar budget.  Think of yourself as David and them as Goliath and remember to Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed. Keep in mind there are many variables that can impact your marketing campaign. Timing, frequency, what’s happening at the moment, season, location, cost of your product/service, quality of your product/service, and customer service among other things.

At MyBasic LLC we help our clients develop a plan that is conducive to their budget and goals. We offer ideas designed to position your business for success. A “something is better than nothing” approach is similar to playing Russian Roulette. If businesses want to grow they must identify and deploy tested methods in place to facilitate growth.

How can you see results with SEO services? Analytics among other things, another way is doing a search for a keyword your SEO team has been working to get your website ranked with search engines. If you come up in search results that is proof, an increase in traffic on your website is proof, and ultimately more sales is the ultimate goal. SEO is designed to create the most favorable environment to facilitate business for your business.

SEO takes into account Inhibitors that can deter business as well. These attributes could be how your website looks, its functionality, navigation, pricing, return policy, customer service, etc. MyBasic LLC can do an analysis of your website and offer suggestions with the end game of helping your website improve in rankings.

We live in a repetitious society and marketing is designed to help your business take a repetitious approach at reaching your audience. As new technology allow us to become more connected it is important to harness marketing and advertising tools needed to expand your business reach. You’re one person or group of people trying to reach thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of people in a short amount of time to make a profit. How do you accomplish this goal? It’s quite simple…Wisdom, Knowledge, and a Plan.

In closing Advertising and Marketing are all tools designed help you reach your audience and do business. They do not guarantee you’ll make billions but rather create the environment to do so.  I’f you’d like to talk to us about your specific business needs email us or give us a call.

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