Networking Expo 2014 Cobb Galleria Centre

My experience at the first ever Networking Expo at the Cobb Galleria Centre was awesome! I (Steward) met other business owners and reps from pretty respectable businesses. The Networking Expo, put on by Corey “The Tax Guy” Moore had several good presenters that gave tips on networking and establishing true relationships. One of the many companies I was fascinated with was 3D Printer Technology. I’ve seen  the revolutionary break through 3D Printer on TV that involves printing physical pieces and seeing the technology work in person was fascinating.

 It is true that people do business with people they like and the key to success is establishing productive working relationship with others in business and do your best to help each other. Another thing factor in success is being at the right place at the right time. What I mean by this is if you don’t network hard to position yourself to be at that right place at that right time your chances of success are dismal… so get out there and network. No one can go it alone and it is important to establish a living/communicating network. One thing I’ve decided to do is add the business card and link to the people I had the opportunity to meet at the Networking Expo. I am looking forward to next year and meeting more interesting people.

I collected a lot of business cards last week and one thing about the whole process is once you’ve collected them they tend to add up and clutter your work space. So what I’ve done is a small process which will link me and all that i’ve collected business cards from and that is scanning and linking to their website. As we continue to network daily, weekly, yearly, and for the lifetime we’re here I Steward look to forge successful working relationships that will be win/win. See you out in the field

Below are businesses we had the opportunity to meet: 


Steward Clinton


MyBasic LLC

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