Stewhosting helps businesses in two ways

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Stewhosting helps business save money to redirect into advertising their business. We are mindful that you have to reach your audience consistently and this is the key motive in helping business save money. If your audience can see you chances are they are not thinking about you. If your competition

Need a website? We can help

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If you're looking to build or redesign a website or online store, we'd like to help. Give us a call to learn more.

Digital marketing can help you grow your business

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Use video in 2019 to promote your business

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Video can be used to help promote your business in 2019. From customer testimonials to talking about your services or products video is a tried-and-true marketing tool we all need.­ Promotional videos can help you leverage time, if you're in sales when you arr meeting with someone in person you

Atlanta Small Business Reveals Tips for business growth in 2019

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Atlanta, GA – October 26, 2018 – Atlanta-based marketing, advertising and public relations firm My Basic LLC has unveiled tips that can catapult your business to success this year and 2019. The beginning of wisdom is to acquire wisdom, with all your acquisition acquire understanding. Proverbs 4:7 Assess what’s going

We can help you leverage your time

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When you invite us to join your team our goal is simple... help you leverage your time, be and stay profitable. The time you spend trying to do things you could delegate to our team is time you can never get back. We seek to place you where you can

You know you’re a small business when…

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You know you're a small business when.. You're up working on a friday night lol...  If you see this participate, share your small business when.... Your turn...

Out of sight out of mind in business

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Grow your business, change the world You've heard the phrase, out of sight out of mind right? This applies to business too! If your potential customers don't see your business on a consistent basis it's more than likely not on their mind.  When they go online looking for your product/service

Business tips for your business

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My name is Steward Clinton I'd like to share with you some business tips for your business. I represent My Basic LLC, we provide marketing consulting, web design, web hosting, app development, and other supportive services. I'd like point something out you can test on your website url... See where the

Does it make more sense to put more time in your social media posts or website posts?

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Where you spend your time adding posts depends on where your audience spends their time. Do they spend more time on social media or do they spend more time searching for your service on the internet? Chances are they’re going to use their “go to” search engine to find your

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