Virtual Reality…The Original Recipe to Success?

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The secret is out, and businesses can’t resist this finger-licking good recipe to success. With Virtual Reality (VR) becoming increasingly affordable, companies are taking a new approach to the training process. Training has always played a vital role within companies and organizations, whether it’s preparing chicken or providing excellent customer

Using Website Design to Capitalize in a Fast Paced World

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The design of your company’s website plays a crucial part in whether your business will experience success. According to a study conducted by Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses online, however, these favorable statistics do not guarantee that your website will be successful. Imagine

​​​​​​​Your Mobile App And The World

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You have a mobile app idea, an idea that meets a need in a world where smartphones are more abundant that cars (smartphones v cars) as of 2016. How do you get your app to market? My Basic LLC has an idea. Which platform do you want your app to

App Development: Making an App a Snap

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In our day and age there is an app for everything. From calling a cab, to making an appointment at the salon, to tracking your caloric intake-- there’s an app for that. Why shouldn’t there be? Mobile applications put the world at our fingertips. They offer a form of interactiveness

Digital Marketing for the Digital Era

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Digital Marketing is an essential tool if you are trying to reach a broader audience online to grow your business. Rapidly fading are the days of passing out flyers and having costumed people dance outside with “Sale” signs. While these methods have their value, we would like to offer an

Business licenses info and web design services

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Are you looking for some assistance on business licenses and web design services? My Basic LLC would like to help. Our team has the expertise and experience and all it takes is a call to begin the process.  It helps to know someone who will help you get your business

Hello, can you guys vote for My Basic LLC?

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Hello friends,   We could use your help by voting for My Basic LLC in the FedEx Small Business Grant. Click on link and search for my basic llc and vote for us. We're trying to build up funds so we can grow a little faster in VR space.    Thank

A good day for marketing, from nothing to something

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Good morning, we’re at the helm looking to grow the business from nothing to something. It is compelling how that happens via bank loans or angel investors but what about the small businesses who have to go the route less traveled? That’s the life of small business, dealing with the

Atlanta Web Hosting Services From

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When it comes to developing a new website for your business you may be more focused on how the new website is going to look. Web Design is important and a service that is just as important is web hosting. Stew Hosting is a new start up that looks to offer

Get help with your business license and web design

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Need help getting your business license and web design services to build your website? My Basic LLC can help. We have the team with the expertise and experience to help.  Need to know someone to put in the work to help you get your business license? We want to help.

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