Our Express Email Marketing Services Free Up Your Time

Email marketing services are designed for people who are pressed for time and need an extended team to run their marketing campaign. At MyBasic LLC we free up your time so you can focus on the big picture of your business. As aspiring entrepreneurs you have to take into consideration the frequency at which you are going to run your email marketing campaign and we can help you pinpoint that. If you don’t want to write content for your campaign we will create professional content taken from important highlights you email us. Before we send out the mass email we send it to our quality assurance team then we send you a draft for proofing. Once you agree email communication is good we’ll send the email. We’re a call or email away from sending out your next important email blast.

We’ve customized our email marketing software with you in mind.  We can import your contacts to your account database and categorize them into groups as needed. Whether you’re a small business or non profit organization we have a plan that fits your budget.

Lets imagine you’re a store front with over 200 customers who patronize you monthly, you sell sub sandwiches. How do you keep up with your customers? Email marketing is a good medium to start, when you start your email canvassing campaign it is wise offer customers a small percentage off in exchange for their email address so you can send them coupons, special offers, and announcements. A cool benefit that comes with our email marketing services is the ability to broadcast to multiple social networks with one click. With this feature you can stay even more connected with your customers.

Let’s try an experiment, lets say a good percentage of your customers get paid weekly and by-weekly on fridays. With this small piece of information do you think it would be a good idea to send an email blast 3 days off from payday with time sensitive coupons and discounts? I will content it would be a good idea for the simple fact we as consumers have been conditioned to react to perceived sales, discounts, and coupons. I must confess I respond very well to Wendy’s coupons for spicy chicken sandwiches and I’ve trained myself to take an extra 30 seconds to look at the coupons that come in the mail, the first step is acknowledgement…whew.

That brings up an important point you should look at, if you spend money on direct mail email marketing can save you money and help your marketing campaign. One of the pitfalls of direct mail is you send out a large number of mailings hoping a good percentage will will take advantage of your coupons/discounts. It is true many people throw them away but a substantial  take advantage of the direct mail campaign thus making it worth while. Email marketing is a step up because your customers give you their email address which gives you permission to send them communications. Since your new coupons/discounts are digital you don’t have to pay for print thus saving paper, stamps, money, and time. Email Marketing campaigns happen in a matter of seconds while direct mail marketing takes more time. We champion email marketing and if you have the budget for both don’t hold back.

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