Our Team

Written by mybasicllc

We’re not a one person team by any means. My Basic LLC consists of people who are talented and care about their work and doing a good job as our reputations are on the line. Below is a small snapshot of our team. We will be adding more over time Lord willing.

Steward D Clinton

Steward studied Business Administration with a focus in Marketing at Savannah State University. Upon graduation he sought opportunities to put degree to work while discovering his knack for problem solving. This lead him to eventually starting his own business was ideal which made sence.

With his first clients being friends who needed help with web presence Steward started My Basic LLC in 2008. Over time he has developed an awesome team focused on providing supportive services to businesses. He recently landed in Virtual Reality and is excited about the benefits VR can have for business, education, and the health industry.

Humble to have surpassed the 8-year mark being in business, Steward aspires to continue to grow his business, create opportunities for others, and support local communities.

Some of his passions are technology, VR gaming, serving in community, music, and reading the bible.


Ákos Halász is the lead developer at Mybasic LLC. He graduated from University of Abertay Dundee with a degree in Game Design & Production Management in 2014. He has been working on numerous projects using Unreal Engine 4 and 3D graphics. Since early 2016 he has been mostly focusing on Virtual Reality.


With a degree in communication studies, Olivia fixed her academic focus on mastering the skills needed to succeed in journalism, communications, and public relations. With a degree in hand and over a year of experience in creating content, she now spends her time doing what she loves most, writing, full time. As a result of her experience in both print and broadcast journalism, she is confident in providing clients with quality content to meet their needs and connect with their audience on any medium.


Tekeshia Austin is a recent transplant from New York City.  She is a self-driven, hardworking and innovative Project Manager, she is well-versed in directing the process redesign of organizations to improve efficiency, growth, and revenue generation. She has a knack for working with clients and improving processes and making sure projects are complete on time and on budget. I specialize in cross-functional collaboration, project management, coordination, SDLC, Public Speaking, and Operations, to name a few. In her spare time, Tekeshia loves to travel with her daughter and spend quality time with friends and family.


Shawon is one of our rock star web designers and graphic designers. He loves a challenge and is a problem solver at heart. His cup of tea or weapon of choice is WordPress. If we’re hard pressed on time for a project Shawon will help team finish on time.  He is also one of our go to members for Search engine optimization, want to get ranked online? He’s apart of the team that will make that happen.


Tiffany is one of our rising Graphic Designers. She is proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver. She has a passion for creating magazine spreads, logos, brochures, websites, photography, and three-dimensional packaging She calls herself a true geek at heart, and so are we at My Basic LLC.


Soliman is our go to guy for Ecommerce, whether its magento, woocommerce, or something in between Soliman is the man. He has been apart of the team since 2009 and is hardworking and dedicated. He leads our ecommerce projects and if a project takes custom coding to make a custom feature work he’ll see in through.


Soumya is one of our lead press release writers, she has over a decade of experience creating top notch press releases and when we say we write good press releases we’ll stand behind them. She also writes informative web content for websites and landing pages. She’s also a double gold medalist with a Master’s in Life Sciences. Our team rocks!

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