An interesting lizard (Rango) once asked “Who am I?’ While running your business within a competitive industry it’s important to know the answer to this life long question. Your brand identity is what separates your business from identical businesses in scope in your industry. Are you more client focused that your competitor? Do you care about your customers community more than the next guy? These are key attributes that define your business culture.

Why My Basic LLC Public Relations?

We’re story tellers, once we learn about your story it becomes our story and must be told by any means necessary. We can articulate and convey your message. We’re a creative platform, a group of living intelligence, (nothing against A.I.) focused on helping you build and sustaining a favorable and memorable brand.

Through our Public Relations Services we keep it simple. We tell stories that:

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Clarify
  • Seek feedback


Our Public Relations Services Further Explained:



In a world filled with sale, sale, sale, people can become drained when you’re always trying to sell something to them. The goal of marketing is to create a demand for your product or service, the goal public relations is to connect with your audience. Once you’ve established your business in the minds of your audience it’s time to create and nurture a favorable impression of your business. Does your company get involved in the community? Does your company care about and appreciate its customers? How do you convey this message? Public Relations. Is there a new product/service or emergency situation you need to make your audience aware of in a quick amount of time? Public Relations help. PR picks up where marketing and advertising leave off, really connecting with your audience. People who just want the money and don’t care about the people they serve probably could care less about Public Relations. But that’s not you right?  You should love your customer, really. : )



People respect brands that inspire. A natural by product is they’ll also continue to do business with them. Public Relations work in concert with what your business is doing. If you’re a company similar to Southwest Airlines who offers good customer service and a good product/service PR will only propel you to the front of people’s hearts and mind. If you’ve done something that has outraged the public or misinformed your audience Public Relations is an official way help you clarify your side of the story.



There’s nothing like coming out with a new product/service that will help make people’s lives better. Whether it’s a life saving medicine or new service that makes our lives more efficient our services dial in to motivate people. Let’s say your company volunteers serving at a local food bank, that story can motivate other businesses and the general public to roll up their sleeves and help out too. We offer an independent perspective and sometimes that’s all it takes to move to the next level. (Did that sound like a cliche? Lol if so) Our services work hard to motivate.



Lets imagine for a second you’re a multi billion dollar soft drink company. Studies have been conducted that show sugar is a contributing factor to diabetes. How do you deal with the potential fallout? Be transparent. If you’re taking steps to reduce sugar in your soft drinks Public Relations will work to Inform the public of your efforts. This is one of many scenarios where PR can work to clarify your intents and actions.


Seek feedback

Sure you’re running a marketing campaign but how effective is it? Need market research conducted to find the answers? If you want better answers than you have now we’d say you need our PR team to assist. We’ve said a lot, if you’d like to have a conversation on how we can help call us.

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