Real time applications for Virtual Reality in Business

Written by mybasicllc

Virtual Reality is a new and immersive way to reach customers and help them see the value in your business. The concept of VR is not new but with recent breakthroughs with the HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, and other notable VR headsets Virtual Reality is positioned to make a profitable impact for the business world.

Virtual reality has passed from a criticized gimmick to a bonified business application we can harness to help us conduct business in today’s technologically advancing environment.  Imagine a work space where you control entirely what your viewer sees, that is Virtual Reality. Imagine a customer understanding the value of your brand after seeing your virtual reality presentation, that is VR.

As a continually developing Marketing firm My Basic LLC is striving to empower our clients with profitable tools designed to help them create memorable experiences that inspire prospective customers to do business. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No.

Recently our marketing firm was given the opportunity to help Innovative Golf Opportunities develop a presentation/experience in VR space to help them explain their idea to potential investors. The project has been completed with success. Long story short the end users better understand the concept and the presentation is helping IGO better meet their objectives. Can VR help you market your business in a way that can leave a lasting impression on a potential customer… yes.

What industries can benefit from Virtual Reality right now?

Many businesses work the trade show circuit multiple times a year can benefit across a variety of industries. Many industries have early adopters and we think you’re one of them. Businesses invest heavily in tradeshows and do considerable business there. Construction companies often times will attend tradeshows to show off their new products for the year. VR can help many of those companies save money long term.

There is an associated cost with transporting new products and partially demo them to prospective customers. Virtual reality can allow you to fully demo your product to help prospective clients understand the value your products bring to industry.

Imagine you’re a tractor company and you have a new tractor that has new innovative and ground-breaking features that will revolutionize the agriculture industry. Sure you can bring the machine and show it parked next to your booth space but can you crank it up and show your prospective customer how it works? In VR space you can do that and then some.

Imagine allowing people who visit your booth the opportunity to be hands on with your tractor in a Virtual reality corn field. They’re harvesting the corn with your machine which gives them a firsthand experience of how it works while you explain its features.

Now imagine your competition several booths down with their product parked next to them. Who do you think will make the more memorable impression? With VR the probability of you making the more lasting impression just went up. Now we know there are other factors that also play a role in your success.

These factors include customer service, pricing points, experience, etc. We believe with our background in in Marketing we can see learn to see your businesses the overall picture, tweak it where needed, and help you succeed in your industry more than you are now.

Real Time VR application in government contracting

If you’re in the government contracting space as an architect firm or construction company Virtual Reality can help you stand out over your competition and win much needed work. Let’s create and think on an example.

A request for proposal (RFP) has recently come out by a local government agency and they want to create a new building, let’s call it a new library and would like to see a proposal that includes standard information like blueprints, cost, time to complete, and a visual mockup of what you’re propose to build.mybasicllc-vr

Your company and several other notable companies attend the pre-bid meeting and you see what the need is.  You determine your firm can help them meet and exceed their need at an affordable price point and you submit a bid. Part of their request is for you to submit drawings, concept of what you propose, past performance, etc.

Let’s fast forward to where you’ve submitted for bid and you’re one of the finalists for the project and the agency wants you to give a presentation that explains how you’re going to accomplish what you say and they want to see what your final product is going to look like.

You employed My Basic LLC to create a Virtual Reality experience to spec of your drawings and we create a fully immersive VR experience. We create a mockup to give them a visual of what you propose and you present it to them while all the other finalists present the norm.

Your presentation is a hit and the committee raves and talk how they’ve never seen such a presentation. You’re a trend setter. You leave excited but know you’re up against some fierce competition. Your pricing is good, past performance is good, you are able save the agency money, and your team has the experience to get the project done on time and on budget.

During deliberations, the committee continues to note that your presentation stood out the most for all the right reasons and the VR experience was one of a kind. In the end, you come out on top as the selected firm to help the agency build their new library and VR was a contributing factor that set you apart. VR is a good marketing tool that will help you bring to life your concept and help your client see firsthand what you propose.

This same concept can be created across many industries from construction projects to services. Virtual reality is a defining factor that will set you apart because you put in the extra visual effort and investment to help the client see how you’re going to help them meet their needs.  People are visual, they want to see how you’re going to solve their problems at the end of the day.

How do you get started in virtual reality for business?

Call us, let’s meet up. During this phase, we’ll learn more about your project, timeline, and budget. From past experience, we know it’s good to meet several times before we decide to work together. Once everything has been agreed upon and you’re comfortable us the rest is history. We’ll follow the proposed time table and communicate often. During the process, we’ll enable you to see videos of our progress and then bring you in to experience the project in VR firsthand. We are willing and able to equip you with the necessary hardware, software, and training needed to run the VR experience on your own or we’d be happy to tag along. We’re an extension of your team.

Demo Day is coming

If you’ve read this post and are in the Atlanta area we’d like to invite you to a demo day we’re planning soon to display the power of virtual reality in business. We enjoy marketing and see VR as a new marketing tool poised to help our clients do businesses in a new immersive way. We look to set up demo day near the beginning of December 15 2017 so please reach out if you’re interested in attending. We will send out an official press release with the date, time, and location. After that time has passed please call use to schedule a demo if you’re interested in working with us.

VR can help small businesses and large businesses. If you have a marketing budget it will most likely pull from that part of your business.

Why VR?

We’re passionate about what we do and we consist of several ready to go creative teams. We like the challenge and we like to create. Virtual reality brings us the forefront of the human imagination, we create from ideas and help people see firsthand those ideas.

End Game

VR can help small businesses and large businesses. If you have a marketing budget it will most likely pull from that part of your business.

Why VR?

We’re a passionate and creative team and we like to create.

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