Scale up your business with search engine optimization

Written by mybasicllc

Do you know you can increase your revenue significantly with search engine optimization? We need to let you know SEO is like the holy grail of online marketing. I believe it falls under the mantle of marketing because it involves marketing your business directly to your online audience.

SEO services are designed to help you rank your website with specific keywords people are using to find your product or service. How do I know? Lets try it. For this test let’s use the popular search engine Google.

Here’s a million dollar tip: make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Lets type in catering Decatur. You will see step by step catering come up in the search results, they’re one of our clients. Coming up in search results on the first page is better than not coming up in search results at all.

If you do the math you’ll see businesses on the front page have a better chance of earning a potential customer’s business than say a website that’s on the 2nd page. Many people today don’t have time to click on page after page to find what they need, Search Engine Optimization’s goal is to help you rank in the top results thus driving more traffic to your site thus driving up revenue.

SEO is similar to advertising because it can help you reach a large audience and boost revenue, do you want to increase revenue for your business?

If you answered yes, call me for your complimentary optimization report.

If you have a budget for advertising on TV I believe it is in your favor to take a portion of that budget and invest in Search Engine Optimization. The benefits outweigh the investment in that once we get you ranked you’ll be able to see firsthand the results through increased web traffic to your site, increased calls, and most importantly increased business.

I will admit there are additional factors that you control that ultimately determine whether someone does business with you. Some of these factors are pricing, customer services, and the quality of your product/service. Being that our background is in marketing that gives us capacity to take a deeper look into your business to pinpoint what works and what needs improvement.

Search engine optimization is not a blind approach to marketing, its precision guided, like a laser. There are tools like analytics in place to help you gauge an SEO campaign progress then there’s getting on a search engine and typing in the keyword in question.

Keep in mind when we help you ranked with one search engine it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same ranking with another, this is because search engines use different algorithms.

Lot to take in huh? If you want help getting your website ranked online with keywords people are using to find the service/product you offer we’d like to talk with you further and help. Until next time, take care.

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