Search Engine Optimization Companies Are Warriors

Some more than others but one thing is for certain Search Engine Optimization Companies Are Warriors. We are the machine behind the machine, your local atlanta web design company. We’re in the trenches daily working hard to position our allies for success. We look up close and from afar at competition and deploy tactical methods designed to position your website to succeed online.

We’re pretty good at what we do because we train and learn constantly, the successful ones anyway. The SEO landscape is always changing and it takes a company with boots on the ground to proactively engage that which is the internet. Algorithms change it seems quarterly, compound that by 4 (GoogleBingYahooAsk) and that’s our battlefield. Search Engine Optimization is important and that’s why companies invest billions to stay at the top. Next to internet advertising, this is how your customers find your business on the internet.

When people search online for a service/product they don’t usually type in a direct website address unless they’re familiar with that particular brand. A good example is, people know the domain name because its one of the leading ecommerce stores online. For new and unknown business its a smart idea to have an seo company help your business get ranked with keywords people are using to find the particular product or service you offer. SEO efforts should compliment your marketing and advertising efforts, think of it as a growing piece to a puzzle.

How much can Search Engine Optimization cost? Costs will vary based on several attributes (coverage area, amount of keywords, content development, strategy, etc). Lets compare Seo services to advertising on TV. Some cable companies segment services based on counties e.g. Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Cobb, where ever you live, etc.

Lets say you want to focus on Fulton county, its broken down into two parts: Central Fulton and South Central Fulton. You have the option to advertise in one county for a set price or you can advertise in multiple counties for a discounted higher price. If you want to focus on one county 5 stations it could cost you $1800 for a certain amount of inventory.

Search Engine Optimization works in such a way where results are physically visible. This is accomplished through analytic tools designed to give you in-depth details of your website. Want to know what smartphones people are using to view your website? How about where in the world they visited your website from? Want to know what pages people spent the most time on?

We have 24/7 access to that kind of information and that can enable you to make a better informed decision when it comes to your marketing and advertising. Search Engine Optimization can start at $800 a month and reach the $100’s of thousands. One interesting thing about advertising is the more people you want to reach the higher the cost will be. It’s the same principal with SEO.

Smart Search Engine Optimization Companies wont guarantee you top rankings but we can do the work to give you the best chance for top ranking. It’s the same concept when you go to war, we cannot guarantee victory but we can create the ideal environment for domination.

If you compare Search Engine Optimization and Advertising on TV in war terms they’re like the following:

1. Advertising- It’s is like carpet bombing a target. You have a general idea of where the target is but every bomb wont hit the target.

2. Search Engine Optimization: It’s like using a laser guided bomb on a target. This is achieved by using specific keywords that are being used to find services/products related to keyword.

Both have the power to get your product/service in front of your audience and both should be used. The difference between advertising and search engine optimization is cost, time, and effectiveness. As warriors we recognize both are equally important. If you’d like to talk more about seo services and how we can help you reach your audience you can reach us at 404-477-4512.

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