Search Engine Optimization, Do I Need It? Yes, Here’s Why…

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When your website comes up in the search results for a keyword used in your industry that’s good search engine optimization. The benefits outweigh the cost/investment of SEO for many reasons. More traffic to your website increases the likelihood of more business transactions or more calls inquiring about the services or products you offer. Good search engine optimization can drive potential customers to your website but other factors determine if you can close the deal.

Your pricing structure could be something to consider, in today’s economy many people are price conscious. This doesn’t mean you slash your prices to the point where you’re losing money, just do your homework. Be fair to your customers and fair to yourself.

A website that is hard to navigate can be a deterrent to people buying what they want on your website. How fast does your website load when some clicks on it from search engines or types it in the url box at the top? These are some of the things that need to be looked at when having SEO services rendered for your business.

Is your website responsive to mobile devices?

If not it may be time for an upgrade plain and simple. Search engines take note of websites that are responsive and ones that are not. Does your website have an SSL Certificate attached to it? I’m not here to waste your time, rather I’m asking you strategic questions that need to be addressed if you’re wanting to increase the chances of getting ranked with search engines.

Do you know what keywords are being used by people who are looking for your product service? Are there keywords in your industry that revolve around holidays or specific seasons? If so you can’t afford not to adjust your website on a continuous basis.

Search Engine Optimization Is Important

Do you know who your competition is for a keyword that’s being used often to find your product or service? What does their website look like? How can you compete with them? These are a lot of questions but they have to be asked in hopes of inspiring you to really think about getting in the mix, competing, and winning new customers. Do you need search engine optimization? Yes, the reasons stated above are why.

Can My Basic LLC get you ranked for keywords people are using to find your product/service? With research, planning, hard work, and tweaking a continuous marketing plan yes. When you win, we win. Your company is our brand.


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