Seo And Web Design Confirm They’re Friends Forever

SEO and Web Design are Inseparable. You can but you can’t have one without the other. Sure you can build a website but if no SEO has been performed for the website how do people find you on the web? We’re not talking about people you meet and give your business card that has your website on it. We’re talking about people who are looking for the products and services you’re selling. Put yourself in shopper mode, go to Google or Bing and  type in the keyword “ice cream”. If you scroll down there is a website there called Jeni’s Ice Cream, I’ve never heard of Jeni’s until now and their ice cream looks good.

Lets think about keywords people are using to find your product/services, type them in and see if your business shows up in search results. If not, you need SEO services. The goal of search engine optimization is to specifically target audiences using keywords in your industry. Successful SEO efforts get your website ranked with keywords that are being used, not just any keyword. We do keyword analysis for your website and recommend keywords that are actively being used. It takes work to perform successful SEO and rather than sap your time trying to do it yourself consider MyBasic LLC for your SEO needs.

To gauge SEO efforts a handy tool we’ll use is analytics. The best way to see if you’re coming up in search results is to go to a search engine and type in that keyword you’re needing to be ranked with. Keep in mind each search engine has it’s own techniques and algorithms for ranking so SEO is a multi search engine process. It makes sense to consider multiple search engines when you start your SEO campaign. Your audience is unique and they have their own individual preference when it comes to which search engine they want to use. The top search engines people like to use are Google and Bing.

There is no quick fix to SEO. Successful SEO takes time, effort, and constant analysis. Pay per click marketing is another solution if you don’t want wait on search engine optimization. It works where you pay per click for keywords and each keyword has a price tag. Keywords range from $.10 to $20+ per click. When someone types in a keyword your ad shows up at the top or on the side for the search result. When someone clicks on your ad the amount you bid for that keyword is deducted from your account. Consider SEO with MyBasic LLC when you start marketing campaign.

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