were-about-relationships-mybasicllcIt’s time to increase the outreach of your business with services like Web Design, SEO, Video Services, SEM, and VR.  How is your website currently doing on search engines?  You can Google the keywords people are searching to find the services you offer…Does your business come up in search results? If you’re like most people, you probably see your competitors’ websites but yours is nowhere to be found!  Are you ready to change that?  If so, it’s time for us to talk! Our team provides supportive services to both startups and established businesses. Our background is marketing, so we are positioned to offer services that are ultimately designed to help you market your business to your audience.

We want you to consider us an extension of your team. We want to position you so that you can micro-manage your business/department, allowing you to focus on generating more business. In the beginning, we faced the same challenge, and we want to help you leverage time and grow your business.

Let’s grow your business, click the services that fits your need:

Marketing Consulting

You are here because you want to be profitable, and we want to help make that happen! What have you done so far in your marketing efforts? What kind of gains did those efforts yield? Are you interested in growing your business? Let’s team up and make it happen.

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Web Design

Your website is an important marketing tool that will attract your audience or repel them. We design websites so they are responsive and search engine friendly. Lets talk and develop ways to make your website stand out from the competition.

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Web Hosting

We offer web hosting services at a competitive price along with genuine customers services – That’s why you should sign up with us. Oh, and you’re also supporting small business.

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Graphic Design

We are a creative team and our graphic designers thrive on doing awesome work for your business. This works alongside your overall goal of developing a brand that is unique, creative, hardworking, and profitable. We know that’s why you’re in business. Can we help you?

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Digital Marketing

Content development, blog posts, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and paid search. These services make up the wonderful world of Digital Marketing, and we want to help you succeed. Do a search on Google or Bing using a keyword people use to find your services. Did you come up in search results? If you didn’t, can we help you achieve the rankings you want? We will put in the work to get you ranked with keywords. It’s time for us to position your website in front of your audience.

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Video Production

Your potential clients are always on the move, and a video can help you market your business to your on-the-go audience. We tell creative and unique stories through video. Let us help you tell your story. We are involved with pre-production, production, and post. What do we shoot with? The real question is how professional do you want your video presentation to look? Let’s talk about your business.

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Mobile App Development

Welcome to the Billion-Dollar Revolution! Have an app idea? Tell us more about it. After that conversation, we’re certain we will be thinking “We can build it”! Which platform do you want your app on? Google Play? Apple Store? Both? We’re confident our team can create a good-looking, functional mobile app that will do what you need it to do. The only way to know is to give us a call and get started.

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VR/AR Development

Virtual Reality development is the wave of the future. Do you need to do job training or create a presentation that will wow your audience? VR + Education = Success. If you don’t believe us, give us a call and let’s talk about it. Need an Augmented reality app? Lets talk to see if we can bring your idea to life! We don’t want to put the cart before the horse and say we can, so let’s talk first.

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The fastest way to reach your audience is Advertising. If you’re in business, you want this work horse on your side! Your audience watches TV, has a smartphone, plays video games, listens to music, reads online, listens to podcasts, drives a car, uses public transportation, is on social media, and uses the internet. How do we reach them? Advertising. Let’s create a plan to reach them and grow your business today.

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Public Relations

How do you connect with your audience? Public relations.

How do you inform the general public about a new product or service you offer? Public Relations.

We will put in the work to help you reach your audience and connect.

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