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Express Email Marketing Makes Life Easier

Express email marketing is the coffee that wakes your marketing campaign up in the morning. It is the crim dela crim of all things email marketing and if you’re not utilizing it to your advantage consider it right this second. Imagine you have an email database of customers ranging in the 100’s to 1000’s and you want to get the word out that you’re having a spring sale for your ecommerce store or services you provide. There isn’t enough time in the day to email or call everyone who’s done business with you and say “hey we’re having a sale”. Express email marketing is a valuable tool designed to make your life easy. We can’t speak for constant contact but we have a library of over 12,000+ images at your disposal and over 110 templates you can customize to fit your marketing needs. Our prices are more streamlined allowing you to put that extra money to work with your marketing campaign.

We have a simple to use system that enables you to import your email contacts and categorize them as you see fit. If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan in advance we have a scheduling feature that allows you to send scheduled email blasts. We also have an unsubscribe feature so if someone in your database wishes to no longer receive your email blasts they can do so at the click of a button.

Using our express email marketing tool saves you time, money, and time. You can’t beat a system that sends out a mass email to a large audience in seconds. You can customize the content and if you’re slick enough you can even include video. Need help with that? Ask us about the video hack.

Our Express email marketing plans also come with a survey builder software you can use to find out information from your audience. Our software comes embedded with tracking software so you can see who has and who hasn’t looked at your email blasts. We also enable you to share your blasts on social media. As a MyBasic LLC customer we provide the necessary tools to help you keep up with your audience at the click of a button.